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How to Diaper Yourself

What you will need:

~ Changing mat (could be a blanket or a towel)

~ Non-toxic Baby Powder (without talcum)

~ Baby Oil

~ Diaper/Nappy

~ Optional: Cute Stuffie

~Optional: Baby music


1) Remind your little self it is okay to be big for a moment and diaper yourself. It doesn’t make you any less of a cute wittle baby. And turn on some cute baby music to set the mood.

2) Open your diaper and lay it on your Changing mat, I found mine at a thrift store baby section.

3) Sit your cute tush on the middle of the diaper. Make sure the side of the diaper with the tapes is towards your back.

4) Lay down so your back is now resting on the half of the diaper that has the tapes. Grab your baby oil, I am using Johnson’s baby oil, rub the baby oil around the outer skin of your pubes. A little bit goes a long way. Make sure to use the most baby oil where you need more baby powder to stick to (like the inner thigh crease’s and above your genitals). Also, don’t forget to curl your knees towards your tum to reach your bum!! 

5) Next, Grab your baby powder, I use Johnson’s baby powder with pure cornstarch, aloe, and vitamin e. Now go to town with it and don’t forget to curl your knees towards your tum to be able to reach your bum! Hahaha, I love to use a lot of baby powder. I love the poofs of white powder and the smell. It gets me into deep baby space. On a serious note though, How much baby powder you need depends on how long you plan on wearing the diaper and how hot your diaper will get. For example, on a hot day I use extra powder. That way I will be protected from getting any diaper rash. Baby powder is a must for keeping the skin smooth and rash free. 

6)Now, grab the front of the diaper and pull it over yourself. Align the bottom and the front of the diaper to be even. Then, attach the bottom two tapes by smoothing the front of the diaper towards the floor and applying the tapes. Then, stand up adjust your diaper so it feel comfy. Attach the top two tapes by pulling the front and back of the diaper close and sticking the tape. (if you only have one set of tapes then do one of the when you are laying down and the other when you are standing up). I like diapers what have extra plastic on the front so you can adjust tapes easier. I am using Northshore Breifs, which can handle taking off the tapes and re-sticking them a couple of times. 

7) After, I am snug and in the diaper. I like to scoop the middle of the diaper between my legs inward. This takes away some of the diaper fold when I close my legs. Diaper fold also disappears once you wet the diaper a couple of times or you can use a filler pad. 

8) Last thing is the most important!!!!!! Wiggle your bum and don’t forget to play with your stuffie while you are diapering to ensure you stay in little space!!!

You’re the cutest! 💖

Such a great video and advice, well done!

This is the cutest video ever *_*

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I wore a crinklz with a stuffer inside ^^ , and took a bunch of pictures. I’ll add them to my queue and you’ll see them the next couple of days. Make sure to check back! Coucherequin on InstagramCoucherequin’s blogFetlife

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Hey there! I haven’t posted to this blog in a lil while now.. So today I had some time to play kids, and I took a couple of pictures. It’s nothing special, but oh well ^^; . Send me a … Continue reading