July blog post

This is going to be a text post, so if you don’t care about me personally, that’s fine, there’ll be new picture posts soon anyway.

A while ago, July 1-9, I went to see my Parisian friend for two reasons. Most importantly, I hadn’t seen her in a while and secondly because we attended a Japanese convention called Japan Expo together. A little side-track of this story: at some point I ageplayed (with diapers) together with this friend; but we think it’s best not to do this again for our own reasons ^^;;, our friendship is worth much more than the momentary fun I get from wearing a diaper. Anyway, we attended the full 4-day event from 5-8 July and it was super fun! Each morning, we had the cutest French breakfast with croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, but also chouquette and canelé °^°. Can you tell I’m a bit of a sweet tooth? XD I’m actually totally not, but this was like a holiday to me so I can eat anything I want for a couple of days. We explored the city together for several days (she’s lived there for years, so it’s probably not very interesting for her, but despite my several visits I still really enjoy it). This time, I even got a carte de transport (from navigo) made with my picture on it.. It felt a lot more genuine then hogging a couple of carnets of tickets all for myself. God, I have so many of those used metro tickets laying around my house.

One of my favorite places to go in Paris is to see Jardin du Luxembourg.. It’s a park in the south part of the city. The church right next to it, Église saint-Sulpice, is also one of my fav churches. I’m not an active Christian.. but I can still admire the beauty. Besides, in busy cities with a lot of noise and motion, I can totally get why you’d enter a church and sit down to “pray”. What is praying, anyway? It relaxes your mind and body, and takes you away from the craziness of the city. I can list many other places that I really enjoy visiting, but I wanna move on.

So.. food. The restaurant I keep going back to is called Aki. It’s a Japanese restaurant situated in a street bearing my name (Rue Sainte-Anne). Their Okonomiyaki (which they call crêpe Japonaise XD) is so fancy-looking and tasty that I must have ordered it a dozen times already. And somehow, it has become a habit that we order a second round of just curry-rice. Incidentally, Aki also has a boulanger & Pâtisseries

(Spécialités Japonaises!) with super tasty confectionary stuff. You really need to try baking stuff with matcha ^^, strongly recommended!

But.. back to the reason why I went there. I attended Japan Expo as an amateur artist. We had a booth and sold artwork and our music. When stuff has cooled down a bit, I intend on also drawing artwork for this blog and I’ll offer it for sale in an Etsy store for anyone who is interested. Like many artists, I work under several pseudonyms and they don’t mix °^°. But more on this later. We did really well this year and we sold a lot of stuff and I got to talk to many people. Unfortunately, at some point my money was robbed off me and I lost nearly half of my earnings. But the thing is that I don’t know how much money was in my money box, so I’ll never know exactly how much was taken. The money doesn’t even matter that much to me, but the fact I worked for months on my art and music and have the earnings just taken from me is a very sad thought. Maybe something valuable has also been taken from you, so you’ll understand my feelings about this. In the end, I’m not sure I broke even during this convention and it’s going to be tough to motivate myself to draw for hours and hours again, cus there’s always the chance someone will snatch everything away from me. But maybe that’s what life is like; an immense amount of work for someone to take away from you or destroy in an instant. 

I’m even feeling a little down just writing this out. Anyway. The remainder of the convention was really fun and we had an after-con party at the Hippopotamus nearby Gare du Nord. I’m convinced we were the last visitors of that day cus we stayed forever just eating the left-over bread while our plates were long empty XD. I was a wreck afterwards, but the day after I had to travel back and it was super tough getting out of bed for several days after that. I’ve since gone back to work (I currently work in a hospital as a researcher, PhD candidate, and the work is never done). Last weekend (22nd of July, this post was written on 23rd of July), I did actually wear a diaper for the first time in a month, but I didn’t feel good enough to take pictures of myself, so that will follow another time ^^. My body image unfortunately fluctuates a lot, and it does affect my ability to think positive about myself.. It really doesn’t help that some people send hateful messages or anonymous asks to me. But I’m still really happy and satisfied that I went to the trouble of getting into little mood. Pictures will come some other time

This is all I wanted to write out for now. If you’ve read all the way to this point, then thank you very much! Send me a message if you want to talk, and I hope you have a good day <3

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