You have told us that have changed of apartment. Does it is as good as you thought? Could you go easier in little space in this apartment since you don’t have roommate?

Yes, you´re right, I recently moved out of my apartment and I´m currently living in a temporary living space until I can move into my new apartment. I wasn´t planning on sharing my home with others this time around, so I wonder what it´s gonna be like ^^. For five whole years I was sharing my home with others to share the costs of living, but I think I should be fine this time around as far as costs are concerned. I mean, I am almost 30 years old and although I do still worry about finances, I think it is less of a concern nowadays compared to 5 years ago when I had quite a lot of debt from my studies and from having to do the initial purchases of furniture and appliances. Most of those furniture and appliances turned out to be useless, but eh you live and learn ^^;;.  

In any case, because it’s gonna be only me in that place, I am looking forward to turning the whole apartment into my littlespace, with baby stuff everywhere, so I could wear diapers more often and ageplay more often. In the past I’d only do it once per week, and sometimes more like once every 2 weeks, but I wanna be a baby every single day



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itohseloh: coucherequin: These are plastic pants, and a Rearz Astronaut diaper underneath! How cute you look in those! Do I really look that cute in plastic pants? ^^ 

Would you be interested in having a daddy?

I thought about it before but I don’t think that anyone would want to be my daddy or mommy and I don’t really want to disappoint anyone. So I think it’s best that it’s just me in my littlespace ^^. That way I can have my fun, and I don’t annoy or disappoint anyone! Fun for everyone!


Veel luiers komen uit dezelfde fabriek maar met een kleine tweak. Mijn eerste adult luier was tena en ben na ongeveer 40 andere merken en varianten verder weer full circle. Lkkr afgezaagd maar tena glijd tenminste niet van me ‘heupen’ :) Wat rot voor je dat je geen kinderen kan krijgen! Ik kan me goed inkomen dat dat knaagt aan de fundatie voor je rol int leven. Maar cijfer jezelf niet weg! vele vinden hun rol in ouderschap, andere (en ik) in iets anders. Dikke knuffel!

Hm ja misschien is ‘t niet realistisch van mij om te verwachten dat er heel veel verschil zit tussen luiers in, omdat ‘t allemaal eigenlijk een soort broekje is, en er zullen misschien niet heel veel fabrikanten zijn voor volwassen luiers ^^;; Tena (maxi slip) zit ook voor mij heel erg fijn. Ze zijn niet heel dik, ‘t zijn denk ik praktische luiers die je echt zou kunnen dragen als je lekt of incontinent bent! 


Are you incontinent Or would you like to be incontinent?

I’m not incontinent ^^, and I would not want to be incontinent, either. I sympathize with others who are incontinent. I hope that people who are incontinent can (partially) recover over time, or at least get to deal with their health issues in a positive way..  I have the luxury of wearing diapers for my own enjoyment and changing out of them after a I’ve had my fun. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that some ABDL people are interested or into that “24/7″ thing where they wear diapers for a long time, but that’s not something that I would enjoy, I think. I like to put on a diaper, pretend I’m a little baby, hug my plushies, suck on a pacifier, drink from a bottle, eat babyish foods, wear pyjamas, maybe I’ll wet myself, who knows? After a few hours I will have satisfied whatever compels me to this this, I  will masturbate a few times and then I’ll shower and change out of the diaper. That’s usually what I do. Sometimes I take pictures while doing those things, and sometimes it’s just me in my littlespace without anyone else knowing what I’m doing ^^. I hope you’re doing okay and you’re well 


Just wanted to say hello and you blog inspires me. I’ve been having to wear at bedtime for the last 3 years but I actually feel safe and secure in a diaper. Hope you have a great day and sorry if I bothered you.



I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had to wear diapers for bedwetting issues (presumably?) for years now. What’s wrong with your health, if I can ask? Are you going to recover from it, eventually? I can totally understand that it’s better to wake up in a dry bed than waking up in a wet bed. I’m fortunate to have never wet my bed as an adult (well maybe once or twice by accident but definitely not recurring). I’m not sure I’d actually enjoy wearing diapers out of necessity, but it sounds like it at least gives you the feeling of safety and security and that’s worth a lot. 

What diapers does an adult bedwetter wear, anyway? I think I’d wear Betterdry M10 cus they’re fairly cheap and seem to absorb anything! I wore them a couple of times and I really like wearing them, although they’re not very photogenic xD. There’s a few other diapers I’d consider for bedwetting, but the most important thing is that you won’t to leak as few times as possible into your pyjamas and bedsheets cus it’s a lot of work each time to clean that.. I’ll attach two pictures of me wearing a Betterdry M10!


Very nice diaper. Love it

It’s the Betterdry M10! 

It’s a fun diaper to wear, I think ^^. They’re cheap,. really thick, the tapes are strong, and they’re plain white. I do tend to put transparent packing tape around my waist (on the diaper) cus I enjoy the feeling of intense tightness. I think that the Betterdry M10 diapers were intended as night-time diapers cus they are way too thick to be worn underneath daytime clothing without looking ridiculous (IMO). As ABDL diapers they work really well, I think. You can wear them underneath your pyjamas and sleep in them ^^, or have an evening of playtime in them without having to worry about leaking. If you’re really naughty, you can even plug yourself ^^, or wear a chastity belt on top of your diaper so you can’t remove it by yourself! But the most important thing is that you have fun and feel relaxed ^^, I think


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coucherequin: See my archive | Coucherequin’s Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife Very thicc diapers !!


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kimimerc: coucherequin: xD 10 pictures of my shark helping me to open this diaper. Sharkie is the real coucherequin, after all Will look so much better on you😀 Hm I’m not so sure °^°  , sharkie does look very good … Continue reading