This is a formal request to rename your blog “Doctor Coucherequin M.D.” (mostly diapered.)

xD Hm I know you’re joking with this, though out of completeness: I am not an M.D. (doctor of medicine). I have never studied medicine, I cannot help you in case of a medical emergency, I cannot perform surgeries on people, etc. In contrast, I do know human and murine anatomy, I know about the chemical processes that keep us alive, I know oddly specific medical terms, I’m licensed to work with mammalian model organisms in the Netherlands and in Belgium. I am licensed to work with radioactive substances (in NL). I can perform micro-surgery on mice. I can do all sorts of weird and wonderful laboratory techniques for the analysis and quantification of DNA, RNA, proteins, fats, etc. A PhD stands for a ‘doctor of Philosophy’, or more accurately a ‘research doctorate’. Concerning what my role would be in this world. I don’t think I know? I plan and perform medical studies in cultured cells and rodent models, I analyse the samples and write the manuscripts. What any of this has to do with any real-life skill, I’m not sure. Though, some people see it as a prestigious activity. What do you think?

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