What are some of the video games you play

Hm well I don’t have much free time to play videogames so I tend not to devote myself to large story games. I don’t have an xbox or a playstation, but I do have a 3ds and a Switch (and a laptop of course). I like to play Mario Kart when I invite friends to visit me, I like Pokemon (I still play Ultrasun, and Sword, and Go), and I started with Animal Crossing (New Horizon) when it came out. Right now I’m not playing anything else. Would you recommend me something, huh?

This is my 3ds in a (clean) Molicare maxi slip:


“Well I have a lot of presence on other websites, but not as coucherequin. I like to keep my online ‘identities’ separate as much as possible, so I can’t tell you publicly about the account names that I use on YouTube or Discord. If I get to know people, I usually give them my discord handle cus it’s easier to chat on compared to tumblr messaging. Which websites do you have other identities identities on? You don’t need to tell me you identity but it would interesting to know all of these sites

Which websites do I use? Well lots of different ones! I use YouTube, facebook, discord, deviantart, twitter, soundcloud, danbooru, gelbooru, bandcamp, crunchyroll, MAL, and a few forums. Most of my time online goes to YouTube and tumblr, though. 


Have you ever done a stinky nappy at all hehe? 🙈🙈 Love your blog though by the way ☺️☺️

Sorry I don’t discuss this on my blog ^^;;. I only discuss sharks and my littlespace:


Hey requin, hoewel oude franchise als zelda veelal gedragen zullen worden door oudere spelers, zijn ze makkelijk op te pakken voor hedendaagse kinderen. De fortnite-achtige spelletjes van nu zijn online en wanneer de updates stoppen snel vergeten worden. Veel plezier met animal crossing en ik hoop dat je na de wuhan-hoest snel weer een eigen woning vind met een verse start voor de toekomst! Heb je nu een sabbatical van abdl?

Ah oeps. Ik had een antwoord geschreven op deze Ask, maar ik was naar bed gegaan en m’n laptop had zichzelf opnieuw opgestart waardoor m’n antwoord verdwenen was XD. Sorry hiervoor..

XD Wat zeg jij nou? Ik heb toch geen sabbatical van ABDL? Ik plaats elke dag een berichtje; soms een reblog van mezelf, soms een reblog van iets schattigs, soms een antwoord op een Ask, en soms gewoon een stukje tekst van mezelf. Maar ik plaats elke dag wel iets, al jaren lang! Het klopt wel dat ik de laatste maanden een beetje achter loop met nieuwe foto’s nemen, waardoor ik meer oude foto’s gebruikt heb. Je mag me wel suggesties geven voor nieuwe ideeën voor foto’s, hoor. Of me een luier aanraden die ik nog niet gedragen heb en die de moeite waard is!

Animal Crossing is heel erg leuk ^^. Vergeet niet dat spelletjes gewoon tijdsverdrijf zijn, echter. Ik voel me een beetje slecht als ik aan ‘t eind van de dag of ‘t eind van de week niets nieuws heb gemaakt. Hoe kan ik anders bewijzen dat ik ooit bestaan heb, als ik niks gemaakt heb?

Do you have any strong political beliefs?

Hm well I probably do, compared to others. But this is a baby blog so I don’t think it’s the right place for me to spew my stupid opinions on random topics XD. It’s not why people visit my blog. I’m not even sure if anyone would read a piece of text on my blog if it was too long.

This is me wearing a Drylife super:



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foxysoulhuman: coucherequin: Look what I’m wearing underneath ^^  Coucherequin on InstagramCoucherequin’s blogFetlife Super adorable outfit!💕😊 Leggings and dipees are the bestest!💕😊 Right? I think it’s such a fun combination to wear! I tend to ageplay in either pyjama shorts or … Continue reading


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itohseloh: So nice and thickly diapered This is a crinklz diaper ^^. The design of it is super cute, and I enjoy wearing them. They’re not my favorite diapers, but they’re definitely near the top so far!


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itohseloh: coucherequin: I’m gonna try showing you the diaper I’ve been wearing all this time, underneath my maid uniform and tights See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife What a cute round diapered bottom! It’s definitely round, … Continue reading


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itohseloh: coucherequin: Poor sharky getting squashed by me °.° See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife I am thinking Sharky likes it as much as you do. I k now if I was Sharky… XD that shark … Continue reading


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bobbenjamin: coucherequin: You’ll just have to trust me that I was wearing a seguna diaper ^^ See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog | Fetlife I trust you. Why should you lie? Well, when I tell you I’m dry … Continue reading

How full is your nappy?



XD sorry. I get these Asks quite often and I tend not to respond to them. You can see in my pictures how “full” my nappy is, if you look closely. In a lot of abdl diapers, it’s hard to tell until you’ve really soaked the diaper to the point where it bulges. It’s no secret I pee myself when I’m ageplaying, right? And sometimes I end up taking pictures of myself where my diaper is very soaked. Is that okay? I hope it is, because I enjoy it a lot



Genuine? That has been said about my blog a couple of times. I’m not entirely sure what people mean by it. I guess they mean that I don’t seem like a fake person, or a person that’s into diapers for financial gain or something like that ^^;; If anything, I definitely would not be selling ‘exclusive gofundme/patreon content’ or ‘premium snapchat access’. Gosh those terms disgust me. Every ageplay picture I take eventually finds its way onto my tumblr blog ^^, and I’ll probably keep it like that until tumblr stops existing


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little-ab-moky: coucherequin: My diaper was so wet, it was almost leaking.. But playdayz is a really good diaper and I’ve never actually had it look on me! You should try it, too! See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog … Continue reading

Do you have any presences on other websites? Are there websites you used to be part of but are no longer a member of, and if so why?

Well I have a lot of presence on other websites, but not as coucherequin. I like to keep my online ‘identities’ separate as much as possible, so I can’t tell you publicly about the account names that I use on YouTube or Discord. If I get to know people, I usually give them my discord handle cus it’s easier to chat on compared to tumblr messaging. 

If I assume that you’re Asking me about coucherequin in particular; then I have to be honest that I am not really active anywhere else apart from on tumblr. I have coucherequin.com , which is kind of like a mirror of my tumblr account, there’s nothing unique on it. I have a reddit account with the same name, but I don’t use it. I have an instagram account with the same name, but I think instagram sucks so I don’t really use it. I have an account on abdlz.nl , a Dutch ABDL forum, but I also don’t post on it. I have a fetlife account, but I also don’t actively use it. 

I’m sorry I’m such a killjoy XD. Taking pictures and maintaining a presence here on tumblr already takes a big enough toll on my free time so I think I’m good! 


What is your family like? How would you describe your parents, and would you ever consider telling them about your lifestyle?

Thank you for this Ask! Hm it’s an interesting Ask.

I think my mom knows that I ageplay, or at least she knows part of it? I’m not sure. She found wet diapers in the trash in the past and asked me about it. I answered that I liked wearing them, which is a pretty clear-cut answer, right. Though, I’m not sure she fundamentally understood my answer. We never talked about it. She’s also seen some of my other stuff, like a paci and all the super girly kid pyjamas and bedsheets I usually have. I honestly would not bother my sisters or parents with my ageplaying ‘secret’, though. I’m not ashamed of ageplaying, I just think it’s not something that I should bother them with. I can’t describe my parents or sisters accurately. They’re my family. I’ve outgrown them in career, I don’t let them much into my life, yet I feel welcomed into their lives. I take pictures of them at family gatherings

There are a few friends who know that I ageplay and who know about this blog, though I don’t want to bother them too much with it. I know ageplay is weird and I don’t want to anger them with the weirdness ^^;;   


(Also gosh my baby bottle is so dirty in that picture. I do dish-wash it after use, but some drinks really stain the plastic)

Have you ever been to different countries?

Yeah, of course ^^. I don’t really like travelling, but still I’ve been all over Europe and even to the USA once! Those travelling trips have been for numerous reasons, like for work (visiting scientific conferences) or for fun primarily to see friends who live abroad. I’ve also been to anime conventions abroad a few times. I even ageplayed abroad together with a friend once in her apartment °^°  !! But that’s a secret so shhh!

This is my big bum in an ID slip super in my pyjamas:


I noticed you like thick diapers. How do you get them to look so thick and poofy?

Thank you for this Ask! I do like thicker diapers. Wearing thick diapers adds to the ageplay feel for me. I use disposable and reusable stuffers (boosters) inside my nappies to make them thicker. Also diapers naturally look a bit thicker if you’ve wet them and it’s no secret that I sometimes wet myself when ageplaying x_x.