Are you excited for shark week? I hope you stored up Enough diapers to not need any potty breaks



I’d love to watch some TV documentaries about sharks ^^, as long as they’re not lying by saying sharks hurt a lot of people, cus they don’t!


They totally do that. They hate the misconception of sharks going and killing people on mass. This while week is dedicated to improving the reputation of sharks and giving out more info about them. It’s seriously really cool to watch

xD that’s why they call it ‘edutainment’, huh?

another +1 for a video. You don’t have to show anything more than you would in a picture

thanks for the support ^^, I’ll have another think about whether or not I can do videos.. Cus what I do struggle with is what I’d want to convey across a video. When I take a picture, I try to convey that I’m having fun and I’m relaxed. that allows for a lot of laying down. but seeing a person motionless in bed in a video is kinda boring, right? I would not want to convey sexual stuff in videos


What are you studying?

I graduated from university in August 2014, with a degree in biomedical sciences. I went on to do a PhD, which has come to its end some time ago. I’m writing my doctoral thesis now. As for the subject of what I researched, I’m not gonna mention it because you can probably figure out my real name from looking up my publications with the details I’ve provided here-and-there across the hundreds of blog posts xD. That said, there are several publications which I still have to finish writing the next few months. As I’m currently jobless and looking for the next step I will take, I told myself I really have to hurry up with that. Income wise, there’s social security for a few months, and after that I still have some reserve, so I’m not gonna starve any time soon. For the time being, I’m not going to move to a different place, despite my current place being quite costly. 

So at some point in the near-future, I will have to publicly defend my research. It’ll be a big step for little-minded me. Who knows what the future will bring ^^.

But thank you for this ask. I’ll gladly answer (almost) any ask I get ^^

Oh and for those of you who are Dutch, I am going to the anime convention Abunai in a few weeks ^^. Let’s see if you can find me!


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This was supposed to be an Ask, and not a reply, so I am answering it in this way I probably would not wear diapers “24/7″. For me, the magic kinda wears off after a few hours. Also, I would run … Continue reading

What do you do for fun?

You’re looking at one thing I do for fun (this blog, and ageplaying)


But I do have a real life outside of this blog XD. Weird, right?  I like to play keyboard, sing, draw, play with my cat, look for cute outfits or cosplays, go to anime conventions, play videogames, take pictures…