This is a formal request to rename your blog “Doctor Coucherequin M.D.” (mostly diapered.)

xD Hm I know you’re joking with this, though out of completeness: I am not an M.D. (doctor of medicine). I have never studied medicine, I cannot help you in case of a medical emergency, I cannot perform surgeries on people, etc. In contrast, I do know human and murine anatomy, I know about the chemical processes that keep us alive, I know oddly specific medical terms, I’m licensed to work with mammalian model organisms in the Netherlands and in Belgium. I am licensed to work with radioactive substances (in NL). I can perform micro-surgery on mice. I can do all sorts of weird and wonderful laboratory techniques for the analysis and quantification of DNA, RNA, proteins, fats, etc. A PhD stands for a ‘doctor of Philosophy’, or more accurately a ‘research doctorate’. Concerning what my role would be in this world. I don’t think I know? I plan and perform medical studies in cultured cells and rodent models, I analyse the samples and write the manuscripts. What any of this has to do with any real-life skill, I’m not sure. Though, some people see it as a prestigious activity. What do you think?

Who is your waifu, Coucherequin-san?

xD What a strange Ask. 

mister Shark would be the closest thing to that. He does get hugged/strangled by me each night. And sometimes I pretend to kiss the shark good night ^^. Poor thing


How many languages do you know? I don’t mean just fluent. I think I’ve seen you speak French and some Japanese. You are very linguistically talented!

Thank you for this Ask ^^. I mentioned it to you in chat before, your avatar looks a bit like a shark jumping out of the water with its mouth open, if you look at it from far away xD. But it’s not, it’s a planet with dust rings

Well I only really speak English and Dutch. And Limburgs, if you consider that a language. My friend helps me with French, whenever I need to write something in French. I’ve never used Japanese, maybe you’ve seen it in a reblog. Most of my blog is composed of my own-written messages, but I’ll occasionally reblog a message from someone else, especially if it’s art ^^. Though the diapered person is always me. I wouldn’t say that I’m linguistically talented. Some people tell me that I tend to talk the way that people write, when I’m speaking English. So what they perhaps mean is that it’s not very natural-sounding? Who knows. 

This is me wearing a bambino bianco, a very fun diaper:


Greetings. List 5 things that make you happy, then put this in the askbox for the last 10 people who reblogged something from you. Learn to know your mutuals and followers.

hm I wrote an answer to this Ask but my laptop restarted itself  to update while I was gone.. x_x. I really wish I could disable that feature while I’m working on stuff. I’ll try to write my message again. Thanks for this Ask, though. I’ll answer it without forwarding it to other people, if that’s okay? Five things that make me happy, in no particular order, would be:

1. Learning about mammalian biology (sorry that’s really specific, welp). Really anything about it, any detail, any mechanism, and any possible underlying reason why it is how it is. It’s kinda silly, because I’ll never be able to get any reasonable grasp of even any minor subpart. But what is there to live for if you can’t dream big?

2. Making others happy. Someone else’s smile is worth more than mine, right? Seeing friends and family can make me very happy. I don’t even have to do anything together with them. Seeing them and talking with them can be enough for me ^^

3. Otaku stuff. Watching anime, reading manga, listening to the music, going to the conventions, cosplaying, talking to people about these things, being a weird weeb. I think these things are very fun and they make me happy.

4. Organizing and making things tidy ^^. Sorry I’m running out of ideas cus it’s late and I’m a lil tired as I’m writing this. My apartment was kinda messy visually but you’ll have to trust me that once in a while I did organize all my stuff and put everything in the right places

5. Diapers? In the big picture they’re really not that important.. but ageplaying does make me happy so.. there it is. Ho-hum. I admit, I like diapers.You caught me red-handed