No need to excuse for being away for a bit. You keep being you :)

It’s true, there’s no need for me to excuse myself. 

However, I think that I should be responsive to messages and Asks, and have an engagement with the people who choose to follow me and read my blog ^^. I think that the difference between a whole bunch of ABDL pictures, and a real person is when the person chooses to interact.

When I disappear for a while (or for good), then maybe my blog falls back to just being a whole bunch of (meaningless) ABDL pictures. I think that would be very sad.

If you had more free time, what would you spend it on?

If I had more free time, I would definitely try to visit family and friends more often. They deserve it, I enjoy seeing them, and what’s the purpose of living without spending time with others? ^^;; That last thing is my opinion, please don’t be offended by it. I’d love to spend more time on making and arranging music.. Also of course I enjoy learning new stuff, so I would also love to spend a lot of time on that! It’s a weird Ask. This Ask makes me realize that I may be spending my time on the wrong things, right? Why am I doing anything, if I am not spending time on the things I like doing? So weird. Something for me to think about

If I had more spare time, I would probably also take more pictures. Not necessarily more ageplay pictures but probably also more of those kinds of pictures ^^. I would probably also ageplay more often, cus I don’t do it as often as I want to right now.. I want to melt into a puddle, and pamper my inner baby with the cutest and softest outfits! But there’s just too many other stuff that I have to spend my time on


Are you a creative or a logical thinker? Do you think either one of those is better than the other?

Hm well I guess I’d be a logical thinker. Photography and making music is probably a creative process, but I think I’m approaching both in a logical way. I kind of assume that the people who claim they’re creative thinkers unknowingly are applying the same tricks and ground rules to (for instance) photography as those who learn about it in a logical way. If that makes sense? But don’t take this as a truth, I could be completely wrong ^^;;

I do wonder whether all my photo effort is appreciated? Are my blog posts liked because of how well the pictures are taken, or because of my body? … Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised if it was only the second option, though it’s difficult for me to believe


Could you show a video of fluffing a diaper?

I probably can take a short video of that, but I’m not sure if people are really interested in it? 

You should definitely fluff up a diaper before you wear it! Diapers are very strongly compressed before they’re packaged, to make them easier and cheaper to transport and mail ^^. Before you wear a diaper, you should fluff them up to bring them back to their original thickness. That’s one reason why my diapers are always so thick! But I also usually use a stuffer to make my diaper thicker. I can also recommend you to use stuffers! I use disposable stuffers, but more often reusable ones. I have a few absorbent cotton sheets, which were sold as cloth baby diapers, which I fold into a long sheet to use as a reusable stuffer. Cotton stuffers do get dirty if you pee in them, so you can soak them in water for a few hours to get rid of most pee and then wash them with your other towels at 60°C. See? Lots of diaper tips from this Apex Predator!


When was the last time you cried? If you’re okay with talking about it, what was the reason?

Thank you for this Ask! It’s a little bit personal.. I cried a lot after I had my previous cat euthanized, but this is already almost a year ago (29-11-2019) so it’s not something which is recent. 

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m making the right choices in life. I’m not being successful in a regular way, am I? I don’t have a partner, I don’t own a house, I don’t own a car, I don’t even have a driver’s license, I don’t have kids, I don’t often go on holiday. What do I even have? I rent an apartment, I ride my bike, and I am lonely. Usually I am too busy to worry about these things, and I feel that I accomplish enough other things to make up for my downfalls. Though, occasionally it hits me in the face that my life lacks things which the majority of other people find more important than creative and scientific accomplishments. I’ll lie down in my bed to cry for an hour, and then I drink a bottle of wine and get drunk and do other stupid things. What do you think about this? 

What is your spirit animal?

xD Hm I wonder whether it’s sharks or cats. Or maybe both? It’s not even that I like sharks that much, they’re just the right shape to hug in bed and just the right amount of weirdness to be funny.  This is me wearing a Bambino classico v2 with thighhighs and hugging my shark:


What does your ABDL paradise look like?

Thank you for the Ask! If I am ever able to purchase a home, and have a stable long-term job, I will probably look into the possibilities of having a room dedicated to my nursery. I have mentioned before, and others have remarked on it as well, that my bed and sleeping area is already a bit like a nursery, and if you think about it what really is a nursery? In my pictures I mostly show myself in my bed or in my bathroom, cus I think it’d be a bit boring to show myself in the kitchen or in the hallway. 

If you’re able to decorate your sleeping area in a cute way with bright colors, with stuffies soft pillows and with other things that remind you of your youth, then is that not a nursery already? When people talk about adult baby nurseries, I guess what they’re talking about is more than what I’m suggesting here. They’re talking about an adult baby crib, and other AB furniture like a high chair, a playpen, soft carpeting or those rubber mats on the floor, nursery decorations on the wall, babyroom-themed curtains and a babyroom-themed lamp. That’s way more than what I have in my sleeping area.

I don’t know how far I would take it with the nursery. I’m usually happy with the bare minimum and even right now I’m fairly happy with my room and with how babyish it is. But I deserve something, right? I think if I were to have my “ABDL paradise”, I would definitely want to have a large crib that I can comfortably sleep in, I’d like to have cute babyish dresses and tights (and diapers of course), soft carpeting and toys to play with ^^. Probably I would like to be taken care of by a person, who treats me like a baby girl and who plays with me as if I’m a real baby, and who feeds me and changes my nappy. With all those things, I would have satisfied all my ABDL desires. This is what my bed would usually look like; with brightly colored bedsheets, my shark plushie, and (although it’s not shown in the picture) usually extra blankets and pillows. Also of course I’m diapered and out-of-my-mind melting away in my littlespace ^^


Do you like taking selfies?

xD Thank you for this Ask. This one is going to be hilarious. 

I’ve taken almost 3000 pictures for this blog, mostly of myself in various adult baby-ish poses and situations. But in reality I almost never take selfies. I play around with Snapchat on my phone, sometimes, but I’m not the sort of person who would save those kinds of selfies. It’s not that I lack self-confidence for this; it’s that I don’t see a reason to take selfies. I don’t know anyone who I’d send those selfies to ^^;;

I do love taking pictures of people. But the joy of taking pictures, for me, is to showcase a person in a way they don’t normally see themselves. Taking a photo and displaying it in the way I want is a form of art, right? A photo, for me, isn’t about displaying what reality is like. With a phone, the pictures look very bland to me, exactly how my own eyes see it. With a big camera, I can set it to save RAW files, and edit those raw files on my laptop later. Also, with a big camera I can use a flash, choose a big aperture to play with the background, change the iso, and I don’t have to worry about the camera “deciding” on the wrong settings like the white balance. I use Capture One to edit my raw files, and I can recommend everyone to look into how to save photos in raw to be able to edit them manually. Because it gives you a lot more room to ‘rescue’ a photo which you thought had failed into something usable, but also to play around with pictures to make them look more artsy. 

This is me wearing a Bambino Bellissimo :


*air hugs you* I hope everything is going well and I want you to know we all support you!

Thank you for this Ask and for saying that about supporting me ^^. I’m not so sure if everyone supports me, but I am glad that some people do support me, which I’m very grateful for ! ^^.. We should all care about others a little more, it would make the world a little better overall. I definitely need to make more time to spend with my friends and family, and to take better care of myself while I’m at it !

This is me wearing a blue Playdayz Classic:


From what I can tell, you’re using an old fullframe camera, and a really old flash. These are quite difficult to use but you seem to have no issues with them? Who taught you how to take pictures?

Hello, thank you for this Ask! Yes, I have a Sony A7.. but really, taking pictures and editing the raws is much easier than you may think ^^;;. If you lock the iso to 100, you have a LOT of dynamic range (compared to higher isos) as long as you don’t overexpose. As far as I understood it, higher isos just software-increase the illumination anyway, it’s not changing the sensitivity of the sensor I think? You do need a lot of lights in your room, or sunshine.. so I use a flash to provide lights. For now, I’ve been putting the big flash on my camera itself (the A7 doesn’t have a flash of its own) I’ve been wanting to try using a remote flash (so it’s not on my camera) to make it easier. Maybe someone can suggest me something?  


You’re absolutely adorable 😍 people just need to look at your cute outfits instead of trying to get you to do stuff you’ve said no too

Thank you for this Ask, and for saying that you think that I’m adorable ^^. 

There’s a few things which I wish people would stop Asking me, but in the end it doesn’t really matter, I guess. If an Ask is clearly disingenuous, I’ll delete it.

I do allow Anonymous Asks (it’s an option on tumblr). I answer almost (99%) all Asks which I receive. I write out my answers as interestingly as I can. 

Because of the messy interface of Tumblr, a person who casually looks at my blog will not be able to know what was asked 1000+ blog posts ago. I have around 2300 blog posts right now, which is absolutely massive. So consequently there’s a lot of Asks which keep coming back. It’s unavoidable, and I don’t mind. I try to make the best of it and I try to have all of you have fun while looking at my pictures and reading my stuff. How can a diaper picture blog be interesting? I don’t know ^^;; , I doubt I could discuss things that are actually on my mind. Instead, I try to interact with you guys to make this more interesting. Otherwise, I’m just a floppy shark..


Do you wear diapers 24/7? Aside from taking them off to do number 2 since that’s not in your comfort zone, of course.

Hm I think I answered a similar question in the last few days? No, I don’t wear diapers all the time. I only wear a diaper on Saturday or on Sunday for a few hours.  I am not incontinent. The only reason that I wear diapers is to ageplay. I can’t ageplay unless I’m completely free of other tasks and I’m inside my own home and left alone. Consequently, I only ageplay (and therefore only wear diapers) when it’s not a work day and I have nothing else planned ^^. It’s my private time, you know? It’s not an outfit that I can put on and enjoy, it’s a mood that I need to get into. I do think the desire to age regress builds up over time, and if I can’t do it for a few weeks it gets kind of annoying in my head, but usually it’s okay to do it once every 1-2 weeks..


We wanna see you poop your diapers!

This question pops up quite often in my Asks and in my private messages. If you’re into this and you’re looking for super cute pictures of a girl doing this, please have a look at @asiandiapercutie  ‘s blog. I’m sorry, I’m not into this myself ^^.  I am into wearing cosplays while ageplaying, though! Cute, isn’t it? 


Do you wear diapers 24/7? Or are you planning to at some point?

Hello, thank you for this Ask! Usually I wear a diaper on Saturday or on Sunday for a few hours. This makes me really happy and it makes me feel relaxed. And at the end I can release some of my built up ‘tension’ oops ^^;;. I don’t think it would help me to relax if I did it more often. The idea seems tempting, but it’s better to do it only once per week to keep it special!

 On a relevant note.. it does take me a lot of time to take pictures of myself ageplaying. And because some diapers are quite hard to get, I tend to take pictures of myself whenever I wear a special diaper. I really do my best to make it a fun experience for myself but also for you.. !


With 2020 nearing its end (kind of).. do you feel that you’ve accomplished what you wanted to accomplish this year?

Thank you for this Ask! (Also, my Ask queue is empty right now, so feel free to ask me stuff ^^)

A couple of years ago, I told myself that I wanted to finish my PhD before I was 30 years old (when I started it, I was 24 years old, so that was entirely reasonable). Albeit with a little bit delay, I was able to complete my doctoral thesis and defend it and attain my doctor (PhD, not medical) title in 2020. Seeing that I’m still 29 at the moment of writing this, it seems that I was successful ^^.

In this year, I also wanted to get an answer from myself what I’d be doing with my future. A PhD is not per se a university education, but in a way it is. Therefore, at some point you will want to know what’s next. I was unfortunately not able to get a clear answer from myself what I’d like to do the next decade or so. Instead, I essentially postponed the decision by applying for a postdoc position, and somehow managing to get a postdoc job offer. To be clear, the options which one has after a PhD are quite broad; from continuing in academia (via a postdoc), to joining a pharmaceutical company as a researcher or program manager/director, all the way to working as a (medical) writer or even starting up your own company. Of course, one can choose to completely exit the whole field and do a random job xD. Though,  if you choose not to use the acquired skillset, you may feel guilty for having used up so much public research funding, which was essentially spent on you to train you to become a scientist. 

I told myself that after finishing my PhD, I’d like to move back to where I was born, or at least closer to it, to reconnect with family and friends. This bullet point is a little bit difficult, because I do live closer by, but pandemic fear has increased our distances. I was successful at finding a job closer to where I was born, and I can in fact visit family and friends more often. Though, some of my friends don’t wish to see me, because they are afraid of becoming ill. I won’t further comment on this ^^;;;, let’s see how this will evolve. 

I kinda wanted to get my driver’s license in 2020, but I doubt I’ll do it this year. Maybe next year? Who knows. I can still bike whenever and wherever I want to xD. 

As with any year, I wanted to learn more about photography and I’d like to improve my photography skill. Especially taking timed photos of myself. You can be the judge of that xD. I’ll stop for now, this message is too long and won’t be read.


I hope you are doing well Little Requin!! I love your content and I hope you have a wonderful amazing weekend and week!! Take care my fellow uwu hooman!!

Thank you for sending me this Ask! I am doing well ^^. Thank you for saying that you like my contents, it makes me happy to hear that. I hope my pictures make people feel warm and fuzzy and I hope it gives you inspiration on cute-looking diapers and how to melt into your ageplay

Like when you’re wearing a cute-looking pyjama, but you’re also wearing a really thick diaper (like the Bambino Bianco) underneath  : 


What got you interested in this hobby

Hi ^^, Are you asking me about abdl? Or did you mean photography / posting pictures of myself on a tumblr blog?

I dunno what made me interested in diapers. I kinda always had the desire to wear them. In the past I did it only to masturbate in them. Later, I discovered about myself that I get a lot of fun from ageplaying so I started exploring abdl more and more. Now I’m just a big baby in my make-believe nursery. And one day I’ll have my very own nursery room with lots of soft colors, a crib that I can sleep in, lots of toys and my diapers ^^. I’ll be the happiest baby.

If you were asking me about photography.. well I think everyone enjoys it, right? There’s so many wannabe photographers now, because smartphones and apps with builtin picture filters have made it really easy to take good-looking pictures. Some people are just able to better envision which shots are going to look good and which shots are not, maybe? I wouldn’t say that I’m either good or bad at it, but I’m also not deaf to all the people that tell me they’d like to get their picture taken by me ! Maybe I’ll one day decide that life is too short and I’ll do some portrait photography work on the side, who knows?  

About this blog in particular. I’m not sure why I started doing it. I’m not an attention-seeking person, I think. It doesn’t particularly give me a kick, knowing that I hit a certain number of ‘likes’ or ‘reblogs’. I get to practice taking photos, this way. I think it’s fun to interact with people about abdl a little bit. So far I’ve made one new friend on tumblr, which is really nice ^^ @cofftee  . I also learn about all the diapers which I didn’t know about, and I do see a lot of super cute pictures on tumblr which give me inspiration for my own! But regardless, I’m happy that I’m not getting ignored and I’m glad that I still have the time and energy to post pictures here ^^

this is me wearing a Seguna comfort slip maxi: 


Does your mom ever talk to you about your diaper love or she just ignores it?

Nah, she doesn’t. This Ask was (likely) sent to me because I mentioned that in the past she found wet diapers in my trash a few times, when I was being lazy and not disposing it properly. She asked me about it and I just answered that I liked wearing them and that I’m not ill. We never really talked about it. I think it’s fine like this ^^. And as long as I keep censoring my face, the chances of someone finding out about me online are also not very big ^^

this is a Bambino Bellissimo diaper: 


How have you been doing through the pandemic? I hope you are doing well!

Sorry.. as far as blogging goes, I’m not that good at actually telling my own activities and stories, cus I fear that no one really cares about me as a person.

Maybe I can use this Ask to do that; describe a little bit what I’ve been doing. So people can skip if they don’t want to read this. 

My PhD contract ended last year and I was kinda unemployed for a while, but I used that time to apply for jobs (of course) but mostly to write my doctoral thesis and my scientific manuscripts (for publication). I probably shouldn’t publicly disclose the relative percentages of those activities xD. Anyway, I submitted my doctoral thesis near the beginning of this year and it was accepted by the reading committee and deemed good enough to be publicly defended. Meanwhile I was offered a postdoctoral research position to start very near to when I was supposed to defend. But yeah there was a pandemic and my plans kinda changed a lot. My PhD defence was postponed to the end of Summer, and I couldn’t yet start the postdoctoral position because the borders were closed. In practice this meant more unemployment which did strain my finances, but I got a lot of help from my parents and I ended up only losing a little bit of money. I used this additional free time to continue to work on my manuscripts and actually ended up finishing nearly all of them xD. At the time I’m writing this I have 3 first-author papers accepted for publication and another 2 manuscripts with minor revisions which I have submitted back to the respective journals. Gotta make the best of the time you’re offered, right?  

My views of this whole pandemic is a little bit weird. If a pandemic makes people realize what is really important to them (family, close friends, local communities, their elders), then maybe the prior way of life was wrong per se? These things should have been clear to anyone from the get-go. All the senseless travelling and holidays isn’t important in the larger scheme. I was also confronted with this, and I promised myself that I’d visit my family and friends more often than before.

Hoe gaat het met je?

xD sorry, ik had net dezelfde Ask in het Engels. M’n antwoord it eigenlijk hetzelfde. Beetje saai om dit steeds te beantwoorden, vind je niet? Er zijn wel lijstjes van Asks beschikbaar online, waar je gewoon een willekeurige vraag uit kunt plukken en mij kunt sturen, als je wil ^^

Dit is een Bambino Cloudee:


How is your day so far

xD I must have answered this question a bazillion times.I mean I get it, it’s a conversation starter, but it also puts the burden of starting the conversation on me, while I’m not the one initiating the conversation

I wish I could wear diapers more often, though x_x, though maybe the magic of it would wear off quickly so I dunno..


What diaper are you wearing right now

I’m sorry. I’m not wearing one right now ^^.. I usually don’t wear a diaper during the week, because I feel that there isn’t enough time for it without rushing. Which one should I wear, you think? I’ve worn so many different diapers already, though xD

This is a Lil Monsters diaper:


Adopting a cat sounds great what try would you want to get

There’s no doubt that adopting a cat sounds like a good idea ^^. I’d be giving a cat another chance at life, an owner, and a home. The doubt comes not from this by itself, but by the limited space that I could offer the cat. My current home is a little bit smaller compared to my previous home (maybe 25m², compared to 80m²). Also, there’s less opportunity for a cat to go outdoors, here. I know that cats don’t really care that much and prefer to be lazy most of the time, but even the laziest cat will give itself a daily bout of exercise by running around the house, playing with toys, hunting prey, or scratching stuff. I’m afraid that this home is too small to run around in, and therefore I don’t  think it’d be a good idea. I do really want to have a cat again, because I feel very lonely, but it’s probably best that I set my feelings aside for the interest of the animal.