XD What the frick is this ask? Please go away; this is not a porn blog and it’s only me in the pictures. 

In some weeks when I get a lot of these sort of messages, I do wonder whether or not I’m wasting my time doing this blog. So far, this blog has given me one new friend that I enjoy talking to. Maybe that’s all I’m getting in return for all the time I’ve put into this. Where has the human empathy gone to? 

How ate u today your my favorite little on here your so adorable and awesome your pictures are so cute and sharkie is cute to

thank you for saying this to me in an ask ^^, that’s really sweet and cute! I hope I’m making the shark plush a lil bit more famous by always posing with it!


Are you wet in that last photo?

xD where’s the fun in you guessing if I tell you when I am and when I’m not? I don’t even know which photo you’re referring to, but I’m not gonna say the answer even if I knew!


how many onesies do you have/ different diaper brands?

Currently I only have one onesie (that serafuku onesie), maybe I should buy also normal-looking onesies so I could wear them secretly under my regular clothes ^^.. 

But I’ve worn lots of different diaper brands! 

Abena pull-up
Abena m3
Abena m4
Abena S4
Attends m10 slip active
Vlesi-Slip comfort Premium night
Euron form
Dotty the Pony diaper
Crinklz wearing clouds
Forma care X-plus slip
Tena maxi slip
Betterdry M10
Molicare maxi slip
ID slip super
Drylife super
Lil monsters Rearz
Seguna comfort slip maxi
Bambino Bellissimo
Bambino Bianco
Tena pants

See? That’s quite a lot of different types of diapers.. if I haven’t forgotten anything I’ve tried in the past, then that’s at least 20 different types. Which one is your favorite? Would you wanna see me in a diaper that I haven’t worn yet? Send me a message or reply to this post ^^ the picture in this post is a molicare maxi slip)


it would be nice if they had names i’m sure. i could help you name them if you like

I unironically do call the shark plush Sharkie, but it’s not really a real name now is it XD


What’s it like cuddling with a shark?

I like cuddling with my shark plush. It’s soft and it’s a fish so it’s like a body pillow, without any of the negative associations of a body pillow… cus it’s a giant shark XD. There really aren’t any down-sides to it. I wish it was slightly bigger, but then again it was made for kids so maybe I’m a couple of sizes too big for it


Do you have any abdl eat wear(?). What I mean is like baby bottles, bibs, little cute plates and spoons and forks? Those kind of things for when you’re a hungry baby girl

I’d like that..  For playing little , I have diapers (duh) and cute pyjamas and kigurumis, but also decorated cloth diaper covers, pacifiers, bottles and a onesie! I did try infant formula (the powdered milk stuff) and food (like Olvarit and other mushy semi-liquid ready-made foodies). I like the taste of the infant formula, but I don’t ageplay often enough to eat it a package before it expires XD, cus you really have to eat it all in a week or two after you open it. The mushy food itself is not for me, it doesn’t make me feel little, maybe it’s just not sweet enough, which apple sauce is and that’s delicious. I do like Danone’s yogurts a lot and they make me feel super smol ^^.. but maybe nostalgia also plays a big part in that. Currently I don’t have any bibs or plates or cutlery.. Maybe that’s gonna be the next thing I buy for my little self. Thank you for asking me this!  


May we be friends

hey ^^, sorry I haven’t answered stuff lately.. I was really super busy this week and this weekend I was finally able to recover from that. You can send me asks again if you wanna!

Concerning this ask.. well I mentioned it many times before; you don’t become “friends” by asking someone. Becoming friends is a natural occurrence when 2 people talk and have fun together 


🦈.. And I’m okay with people sending me private messages or e-mails (the address is at the top of my blog), just as long as they realize I’m not a porn blog and I usually don’t talk about lewd stuff.. nor do I really talk about ABDL stuff, cus I already have a whole blog full of it xD. When I get to know people, I give them my discord, I don’t use any other chat service like kik or whatever cus it gets too messy to keep so many platforms up-to-date. Sometimes it doesn’t click, but that’s up to you ^^


Hey so it won’t let me dm you , but I’d like to talk to you more 😅

Oh, that’s weird? I think I did set it to public, so anyone can message me on tumblr.. But there’s also an e-mail address at the top if you really wanna.. So you can talk to the weirdo in the pictures xD

but keep in mind I usually don’t answer lewd chats, cus this is not a porn blog and I’m not that sort of person


Would you ever take pictures with you in underwear instead of diapers? Just wondering. I do love how cute and pretty you look with diaper. :)

xD nah, I don’t think I would. This is a little blog, not a porn blog. The more I can make myself look like an oversized baby, the better I think it is


hello Little requin. i was just curious how many stuffed animals do you have, and what kind of camera do you use in your photos? and do all your stuffed animals have names

hi ^^. I have my shark (in secret, I am the shark and the human is someone else!), and a few other plushies. they don’t have names.. should I give them names? I’d feel bad if I have to throw them away at some point..


I’m sure someone would want to be there for you! Why on earth wouldn’t they?! You’re so cute!

If you wanna know the real reason, send me a message or mail me.. cus I want to keep my blog positive-spirited!


What’s your favourite part of wearing a diaper? The wetting, the putting it on, the waking up to it wet?

My fav part is climaxing in them, but this blog isn’t about that, so for you my fav part is being a lil kid in them 


Are you ever not adorable?

xD this is a really flattering ask. Thank you, love 💖. Maybe I’m not when I’m fully dressed?


Are you single? And if so, are you looking for a Daddy?

Yes, I am single! I’m not looking for a daddy, I think. I don’t think anyone would want to be there for me, anyway XD

I will follow u but not on my vanilla blog ok my diapered sweet friend

thank you ^^. I think this message is from back when Tumblr started flagging posts and blogs as explicit. I’m happy to say that my posts are usually not flagged as explicit, and as far as I know, my blog is not flagged as explicit either.. So yay for me! °^°. Also thank you for following me.. it makes me really happy to know that whatever I’m doing makes people happy and want to follow me 


Hey hope you’re well. Do you feel any shame for having a diaper fetish?

I think I answered this one before.. But for some reason, this ask is still in my inbox..  Feel free to send me any ask you like ^^, I’ll try and answer everything eventually!

Anyway, No I don’t feel shame for having a diaper fetish ^^. Maybe I’m a little freak, but cus I strictly limit my littlespace to my own room where I don’t bother anyone with it, I doubt I pose any harm to anyone. Without harm, there’s no need to feel ashamed I think