Simple question: Why did it take me so long to find your blog?! Too much cuteness!!

xD this ask kinda makes me happy..! Cus you’re calling me ‘too much cuteness’. I don’t know why it took you so long to find my blog. I have never advertised my blog, nor do I specifically ask anyone to reblog stuff for me.. So I’m not exactly putting in tons of effort to be known. Though, due to the way that tumblr works (with the reblogs and all), it snowballs once the ball starts rolling

I hope you’ll stick around ^^


post/181579361999/see-my-archive-donate-coucherequin-on Volgens mij de beste post ooit, een gezwollen luier met je kleine borstjes zichtbaar, eindelijk

Oh, dat zijn deze foto’s ^^;; Dankjewel hoor voor je berichtje! Ik schaam me een beetje dat ik altijd op foto’s sta met een hele volle luier. Maar het is niet anders, zodra ik mezelf een luier om doe, dan kan ik het gewoon niet meer ophouden


Very cute blog! Do you ever wear pull-ups? Would love to see you in those!

Thank you for this ask! °^°

I’m kinda puzzled. When I browse ABDL rebloggers, I see a ton of guys and girls wearing pull-up diapers. When it’s children’s pull-ups, they’re so tight it just kinda looks like a joke to me xD, like they’ve lost a bet with a friend. When it’s adult pull-ups, it really doesn’t look cute to me at all, and just reminds me of handicap . And the waist band has to be really big, too..

Let’s just say I’m not into pull-ups and prefer to wear real tape-based diapers. And then still, I need at least 4 tapes on my diapers. Diapers with 2 tapes (like Attends slip active M10) have a really bad fit on me.


another +1 for a video. You don’t have to show anything more than you would in a picture

thanks for the support ^^, I’ll have another think about whether or not I can do videos.. Cus what I do struggle with is what I’d want to convey across a video. When I take a picture, I try to convey that I’m having fun and I’m relaxed. that allows for a lot of laying down. but seeing a person motionless in bed in a video is kinda boring, right? I would not want to convey sexual stuff in videos


What are you studying?

I graduated from university in August 2014, with a degree in biomedical sciences. I went on to do a PhD, which has come to its end some time ago. I’m writing my doctoral thesis now. As for the subject of what I researched, I’m not gonna mention it because you can probably figure out my real name from looking up my publications with the details I’ve provided here-and-there across the hundreds of blog posts xD. That said, there are several publications which I still have to finish writing the next few months. As I’m currently jobless and looking for the next step I will take, I told myself I really have to hurry up with that. Income wise, there’s social security for a few months, and after that I still have some reserve, so I’m not gonna starve any time soon. For the time being, I’m not going to move to a different place, despite my current place being quite costly. 

So at some point in the near-future, I will have to publicly defend my research. It’ll be a big step for little-minded me. Who knows what the future will bring ^^.

But thank you for this ask. I’ll gladly answer (almost) any ask I get ^^

Oh and for those of you who are Dutch, I am going to the anime convention Abunai in a few weeks ^^. Let’s see if you can find me!


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This was supposed to be an Ask, and not a reply, so I am answering it in this way I probably would not wear diapers “24/7″. For me, the magic kinda wears off after a few hours. Also, I would run … Continue reading

What do you do for fun?

You’re looking at one thing I do for fun (this blog, and ageplaying)


But I do have a real life outside of this blog XD. Weird, right?  I like to play keyboard, sing, draw, play with my cat, look for cute outfits or cosplays, go to anime conventions, play videogames, take pictures… 

+1 for a video

I think I answered a similar ask before, when someone asked whether or not I was ever gonna do a video.. My answer is still the same, I think; I would rather not do videos right now, because it’s more work compared to taking a few pictures, and maybe I accidentally reveal more than I want to, whereas with photos I get to retake them without putting much time into it. Don’t you think a photo can be more expressive than a video? Maybe I’m just more a photo person ^^;; 

They are pictures which allow you to peak into my littlespace! Be glad for them! One day it might all disappear

Are you excited for shark week? I hope you stored up Enough diapers to not need any potty breaks

I’d love to watch some TV documentaries about sharks ^^, as long as they’re not lying by saying sharks hurt a lot of people, cus they don’t!


Hey, I saw your recent answer to a question about a wetting vid. You don’t have to post something that you don’t feel comfortable. Yes, most of us like seeing diaper girls and stuff, but just wanted you to know that we respect your wish for privacy. Don’t worry about upsetting us, we all love your blog just the way it is! (And pls say hi to sharkie from me!)

Thank you for this message. It’s okay, I don’t really feel obligated to post anything onto this blog that I don’t want to. I do feel addicted to getting attention that I normally don’t get, but I’m not gonna go beyond my own comfort zone for that ^^. Besides, the people that want to see more of me than I post are the kind of people I don’t want to interact with. 


Do you usually sleep on your tummy or on your back? I sleep on my tummy with one knee up haha

What do you mean you sleep on your stomach with one knee up? How is that even anatomically possible?

I used to love sleeping on my belly but it’s kinda uncomfortable now to squash that part of me. So I compromise by sleeping on my sides


Any chance you would post a video of you wetting a dip?

No chance, at the moment. I like taking still pictures, and I feel relatively safe while doing so, whereas videos would possibly expose much more of me than I want ^^;;;

I hope you can still enjoy me for who I am and what I am. 


I just recently found your page and I must say keep up the great work. I noticed you like anime and I wonder what is your favorite anime

I’m glad people are still using tumblr.. there was a big chance everyone would leave when they started banning every 18+ poster (I don’t technically post 18+ stuff, though I would suggest not to browse my blog in public xD)

thank you for being positive about my pictures ^^

I’m really into cutesy anime.. I’ve watched Lucky Star, Haruhi, Yuru Yuri, Kinmoza, Konosuba, Girls’ Last Tour, Hibike Euphonium, Hataraku Saibou, Barakamon, New Game, and tons more.. but I’m also really into Pokemon and that helps a lot these days with the new Sword/Shield being released in a few months


Where do you get those amazing blue diapers from I want those in my life

Hiiii I haven’t received an ask in a while.. I must have scared everyone away xD. Anyone up for sending me an ask?

The blue nappy is called the forma care X-plus slip. @cofftee sent me two of those forma-care diapers, and I bought some for myself from Eurodl a long time ago (2 years?).. Eurodl doesn’t have them on their website, any more. However, if I google for this diaper, there’s still lots of webshops that have it in stock, so I think it’s either still being made or at least there’s still a supply available. 

Whichever it is, you should try them out they’re super fun ^^.. They’re made of plastic, quite thick in filling and they’re very brightly blue, much more blue than my shark plushie!


Where did you get that maids outfit? Its so cute!!!

I think I got it on ebay.. just search for maid uniform or something similar to that ^^, there’s lots of them


I see you have a nice camera. Do you go photograph things? If so what are your favorite things to photograph? (I was going to ask in pm, but I got too shy)

I had to save up really long, but yes I have a Sony A7..! It’s a fullframe mirrorless camera. For now I’m using the 28-70mm lens that came with it. It’s a lot of fun ^^. I only photograph people; family, friends, cosplay (anime) events, my cat, and myself. It’s kind of a waste I don’t get to take pictures more often.. but now that I think of it, I might as well be the only abdl ‘photographer’ using a fullframe camera XD, everyone uses their cellphone these days


Good morning hope u have a beautiful blessed day today

I always kinda feel guilty for answering time-sensitive asks hyper late xD.. I’m sorry!

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Just found your blog. Are you willing to dm? (Not gonna be a total perv I promise)

Hiiii I already answered this in PM, but the answer goes to everyone ^^, as long as you can say more than “hi how are u, are u wet”, anyone can chat with me.. Though I tend to reply quite late sometimes, and I’m sorry for that. I do mean well. 

And really briefly; a few FAQs are:
How are you? -> Good/bad/ok!
What’re you up to? -> Not much!
Where are you from? -> the Netherlands
What’s your age? -> I’m 28 years old right now
Are you single? -> Yes I am!
Can we be friends/partners? -> XD no. You become this, you don’t ask this.
Do you like diapers? -> Yes, I do!
What’s your fav diaper? -> Currently I like the Bambino Bellissimo the most
How often do you wear? -> Usually once per week..
Are you wet? -> I don’t answer lewd questions ^^;; sorry!
Do you want a mommy/daddy? -> I’m sorry, currently not

Honestly, xD I’m kinda joking here.. but there’s so much I can talk about that goes beyond these standard questions. I’m not asking you to amuse me, and I understand a conversation is a 2-person process. But I try my best with the limited time I have. There’s so much I can learn from you, if you open up to me and you’re willing to get to know someone

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