Hey Q, I’d like to know why you bring yourself down, makes me sad that you think that way, I know you aren’t looking for a relationship but id like to be a friend.

I don’t want you to feel sad over me. I’m sorry about that.. See it as a way to want to improve, you know? I want to become a better person. And that’s why I may sound like I bring myself down ^^;;


May we message

Anyone can message me ^^, but please try to send something other than “how are you”, or “what are you up to”, or similar questions. Those kinda questions put the burden of the conversation on me, whereas I’m not the one who starts the conversations when someone else sends me a message ^^;;. I hope that’s okay


When did you get into wearing diapers and what was your first kjnd

I’ve been into wearing diapers for as long as I can remember. The first diaper I bought with my own money was drynites (similar to goodnites). But the first adult diaper I bought with my own money was a 2-tape attends m9 (later when I got different brands I ended up disliking the 2-tape design; here I mean 1 tape per side, it just doesn’t fit right I think). I remember when I first got the Attends and loosely put them around my hips, and the fabric touched my private parts, I instantly came °^°. But that last part is too naughty for this blog. Over the last few years I really got to enjoy more the ageplaying part than the sexual part, because ageplaying can give me hours of fun and just gives me more joy than orgasming a few times in a wet nappy and feeling the bliss for only a few minutes


I do like the forma-care diapers and the blue color. They seem to fit and work fine plus the price is good. I do prefer pink diapers like rearz princess but they are expensive. How often do you buy diapers?

I loved wearing those brightly blue forma-care diapers! I currently don’t have any, I’ll make sure to get new ones next time I buy diapers. I don’t even know what I like so much about them, they are fairly normal incontinence diapers, but they’re so brightly coloured it kinda looks like it’s a special abdl diaper XD. Yeah I agree with you, they fit really well. I don’t buy diapers often enough ^^;; . I only have a small space to store diapers, so I can’t buy big amounts.. but I’ve never run out of diapers ever since I started experimenting with adult diapers


I ordered the blue forma care diapers because they looked cute on you. How much can they hold?

Oh, did you? You get those brightly blue forma-care diapers. You should send me a picture, if you want to! Feels great to wear them, doesn’t it? ^.^ Although they are medical diapers , I think those diapers are really fun to wear and I enjoyed it a lot! They are fairly thick (as far as I can remember), but not super thick like abdl diapers. They held a lot of my pee without leaking and I would wear them again next time I buy new diapers.  

I think my most favourite diapers are either bambino cloudee, or Rearz princess pink. Next time I buy diapers I also want to try “Carousel” diapers, and one called “Pride 2.0“ , because I think they look really fun. There’s so many more diapers for me to try out and take pictures of ^^. Thank you for this Ask, I hope I can get more fun asks!


Out of all the colors you could choose from why is blue the best one?

Is blue the best color? I like lots of light pastel colors, they put my mind at ease. But I do know a couple of things that I love which are blue; such as my shark plushie, and a Forma care diaper!


Haai!! Welke huidverzorgings producten gebruik jij tijdens de luier wissel? Ik ben opzoek naar wat anders omdat ik toch niet zo tevreden ben over mijn huidige producten.

Alleen een beetje niveau creme, of zwitsal creme



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coucherequin: ld-ba: coucherequin: I’m standing on top of the cloth diaper cover I’ve been showing you for a couple of pictures. You can see the completely soaked nappy now x_x. It’s bulging from wetness I feel like a skirt is … Continue reading