Hi coucherequin, I understand that you use diapers for ageplay and that they help you get into littlespace. When I saw your pics with the “weird stretchy bodysuit” with the diaper underneath, I wondered what your motivation was to wear it. Was it an ageplay scenario, or was it quite the opposite since it made you look “curvier and fitter”, as you said? Btw, thanks a lot for all the pics and particular thanks for your writings, which I love to read and which often give me “food for thought”.

xD I don’t know. I was probably horny af when I was doing that. I do enjoy masturbating in diapers. When I look back at these pictures right now I think it looks really silly and stupid (and not sexy at all). I’m such a weirdo, sometimes.

But you’re right.. diapers are for ageplay for me. I really wish I didn’t feel the sexual arousement and I could focus on the fun of my littlespace exclusively. but this is an unfortunate part of being an adult; living orgasm to orgasm. 


Hi couchrequin, in many pics you posted recently you are wearing thigh-high socks, and I wonder how you feel about wearing them. To me, they are a kind of sex symbol that makes a woman look sexy. You, on the other hand, seem to wear them to get into little space. Do you also feel that ambiguity, or are they just “little attire” for you?

Thank you for this Ask! I’ve worn thigh-highs, tights and leggings during little time for as long as I can remember. I think tights and leggings go nicely together with ageplay because it can look super childish and it keeps my diaper snugly in place. Now with thighhigh socks I do see the ambiguity.. I personally think thighhighs are really cute (in like anime-ish cute: moe), so I wouldn’t consider them a sex symbol on myself. With those semi-transparant sheer thighhighs it’s kinda less cute I guess and more ‘sexy’. But xD I just can’t see myself as ‘sexy’. Do people fap to me? xD I would think that that’s really weird, if that’s the case I’m not that kind of person, I think? I’m only showing my littlespace in pictures