Simple question: Why did it take me so long to find your blog?! Too much cuteness!!

xD this ask kinda makes me happy..! Cus you’re calling me ‘too much cuteness’. I don’t know why it took you so long to find my blog. I have never advertised my blog, nor do I specifically ask anyone to reblog stuff for me.. So I’m not exactly putting in tons of effort to be known. Though, due to the way that tumblr works (with the reblogs and all), it snowballs once the ball starts rolling

I hope you’ll stick around ^^


post/181579361999/see-my-archive-donate-coucherequin-on Volgens mij de beste post ooit, een gezwollen luier met je kleine borstjes zichtbaar, eindelijk

Oh, dat zijn deze foto’s ^^;; Dankjewel hoor voor je berichtje! Ik schaam me een beetje dat ik altijd op foto’s sta met een hele volle luier. Maar het is niet anders, zodra ik mezelf een luier om doe, dan kan ik het gewoon niet meer ophouden


Very cute blog! Do you ever wear pull-ups? Would love to see you in those!

Thank you for this ask! °^°

I’m kinda puzzled. When I browse ABDL rebloggers, I see a ton of guys and girls wearing pull-up diapers. When it’s children’s pull-ups, they’re so tight it just kinda looks like a joke to me xD, like they’ve lost a bet with a friend. When it’s adult pull-ups, it really doesn’t look cute to me at all, and just reminds me of handicap . And the waist band has to be really big, too..

Let’s just say I’m not into pull-ups and prefer to wear real tape-based diapers. And then still, I need at least 4 tapes on my diapers. Diapers with 2 tapes (like Attends slip active M10) have a really bad fit on me.



This gallery contains 2 photos.

kimimerc: coucherequin: XD my legs look so damn long in that top picture Haha they do look long… how tall are you ? I’m about 1 meter 75. which is on the small side where I live   ^^;;;

Are you excited for shark week? I hope you stored up Enough diapers to not need any potty breaks



I’d love to watch some TV documentaries about sharks ^^, as long as they’re not lying by saying sharks hurt a lot of people, cus they don’t!


They totally do that. They hate the misconception of sharks going and killing people on mass. This while week is dedicated to improving the reputation of sharks and giving out more info about them. It’s seriously really cool to watch

xD that’s why they call it ‘edutainment’, huh?