Hello, I have a question about marriages, what is your stand regarding marriage? And do you imagine your self marrying someone in the future or not? Lastly does wearing diapers have an impact on your answer?

Thank you for this Ask! I should probably marry one day xD. But I think I need a partner before I can marry. I don’t have a partner right now. 

Hm but in seriousness. I really don’t know. When I try to think about these topics my mind kinda wanders between the immense responsibility I’d have to carry when I’m in a relationship with someone (I have had relationships in the past), and the joy of actually being in a relationship. I’m 29 right now so there’s some pressure from others that I should probably figure it out.. but what if I can’t figure it out? Will I have failed if I’m single and childless by the time I’m 45? Some people have mentioned to me that I should see a psychologist. I do think they’re suggesting that out of kindness and goodwill, though this is a topic that I need to find out by myself, I feel. It’s not even about diapers or ageplay; those come way down the priority list and don’t define me as a person nor do they determine my choices in life.

As for my opinion of marriage between other people.. well good for them ^^, I hope they can stay happy forever! 

This is me wearing a Lil monsters diaper underneath tights ^^  :



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I missed wearing this skirt °^° Also you can see all the stuff that I transported from my apartment to my new temporary home.. I did unfortunately had to throw some things away cus it just wouldn’t fit any more, … Continue reading

Just wanted to say hello and you blog inspires me. I’ve been having to wear at bedtime for the last 3 years but I actually feel safe and secure in a diaper. Hope you have a great day and sorry if I bothered you.



I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had to wear diapers for bedwetting issues (presumably?) for years now. What’s wrong with your health, if I can ask? Are you going to recover from it, eventually? I can totally understand that it’s better to wake up in a dry bed than waking up in a wet bed. I’m fortunate to have never wet my bed as an adult (well maybe once or twice by accident but definitely not recurring). I’m not sure I’d actually enjoy wearing diapers out of necessity, but it sounds like it at least gives you the feeling of safety and security and that’s worth a lot. 

What diapers does an adult bedwetter wear, anyway? I think I’d wear Betterdry M10 cus they’re fairly cheap and seem to absorb anything! I wore them a couple of times and I really like wearing them, although they’re not very photogenic xD. There’s a few other diapers I’d consider for bedwetting, but the most important thing is that you won’t to leak as few times as possible into your pyjamas and bedsheets cus it’s a lot of work each time to clean that.. I’ll attach two pictures of me wearing a Betterdry M10!


Very nice diaper. Love it

It’s the Betterdry M10! 

It’s a fun diaper to wear, I think ^^. They’re cheap,. really thick, the tapes are strong, and they’re plain white. I do tend to put transparent packing tape around my waist (on the diaper) cus I enjoy the feeling of intense tightness. I think that the Betterdry M10 diapers were intended as night-time diapers cus they are way too thick to be worn underneath daytime clothing without looking ridiculous (IMO). As ABDL diapers they work really well, I think. You can wear them underneath your pyjamas and sleep in them ^^, or have an evening of playtime in them without having to worry about leaking. If you’re really naughty, you can even plug yourself ^^, or wear a chastity belt on top of your diaper so you can’t remove it by yourself! But the most important thing is that you have fun and feel relaxed ^^, I think


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foxysoulhuman: coucherequin: My diaper was so wet, it was almost leaking.. But playdayz is a really good diaper and I’ve never actually had it look on me! You should try it, too! See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog … Continue reading

How full is your nappy?



XD sorry. I get these Asks quite often and I tend not to respond to them. You can see in my pictures how “full” my nappy is, if you look closely. In a lot of abdl diapers, it’s hard to tell until you’ve really soaked the diaper to the point where it bulges. It’s no secret I pee myself when I’m ageplaying, right? And sometimes I end up taking pictures of myself where my diaper is very soaked. Is that okay? I hope it is, because I enjoy it a lot



Genuine? That has been said about my blog a couple of times. I’m not entirely sure what people mean by it. I guess they mean that I don’t seem like a fake person, or a person that’s into diapers for financial gain or something like that ^^;; If anything, I definitely would not be selling ‘exclusive gofundme/patreon content’ or ‘premium snapchat access’. Gosh those terms disgust me. Every ageplay picture I take eventually finds its way onto my tumblr blog ^^, and I’ll probably keep it like that until tumblr stops existing


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little-ab-moky: coucherequin: My diaper was so wet, it was almost leaking.. But playdayz is a really good diaper and I’ve never actually had it look on me! You should try it, too! See my archive | Donate | Coucherequin on Instagram | Coucherequin’s blog … Continue reading

Do you live alone? Or with someone?

Hm well, up until the end of January 2020, I rented an apartment, which I shared with 2 other people to keep the costs down. I lived there from the beginning of 2015 onwards. I had my own big room, which the other two people weren’t allowed to enter. Unfortunately I had to move and I’m temporarily living with my parents. As soon as I can (that is, when the corona stuff cools down), I’ll move to a new place, where I’ll live by myself and I’ll have all of my privacy again. In that new place, I’m not going to live together with anyone (for the time being) cus I really want to be on my own again. Maybe I’ll adopt a cat, who knows. 

The advantage of sharing my home with those 2 people was many-fold, though. The whole reason I was sharing my home (I did not have to) was because I saw the ups and downs of both and decided there were more ups than downs. What I lost in privacy, I did gain back in being able to more easily receive packages (for instance) and not feeling so alone, among many other things. Of course it was also a lot cheaper like that. If you ask me again after the corona is over and I’ll have moved, I’ll be able to answer how much I’m enjoying living on my own in that new place ^^. Maybe I’ll feel lonely, maybe I’ll love it. 

If you’re asking whether I have a partner; no I don’t have a partner right now, I’m single. I take all the pictures by myself using a tripod and my camera’s built-in timer. I think I got kinda good at taking pictures of myself like this ^^, what do you think?



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