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kimimerc: coucherequin: my bum looks so big in this XD See my archive | Donate Looks lovely You think so? thank you!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Do you wear diaper all the time you look good in them

No, I ageplay usually one session per week, sometimes less if I’m short on time.. It’s usually on Saturday or Sunday ^^


Not a question, just want to say that I love your pictures! You always look so cozy in your diapers in all of them!

Thank you <3. Usually I am feeling very cozy when I’m wearing a diaper


I know your little age might be a bit too old for this, but would you wear a onesie or anything like that? (I don’t want to ruin your fun I’m just asking)

Thank you for sending me this ^^. You didn’t ruin my fun! A while ago I did actually get myself a onesie. I don’t have pictures yet. My next ageplay picture session is in the first week of January when I’m back home (I’m visiting my parents from Christmas until New Year)