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Look at all these pictures of me on my bed ^^, so cute! I’m sorry that I never show my face.. I want to share my littlespace, but keep myself private!

Do you cum harder when you wear diapers and with sharky between you legs, than without the two?

This is private between my shark and me ^^


Please send Asks (18 apr 2021)!

Hiiii if you want to, could you send me an Ask on tumblr? You can do it over here: , or if you’re on mobile, click on the (+) on the top of my profile page, and then Ask! 


Blog post April 2021

Seems that I ran out of pictures to post to this blog, oops.

I did buy a new tripod recently, cus my old one was kinda being held together by tape and elastic bands xD. My previous tripod was used quite a lot; not only for this blog but also for my other photography projects, and I took it with me to various places in Europe. The part that wore out the most was the part that attaches the camera to the tripod. I use a Sony A7 camera, with an old Minolta 4000 flash; and together these are quite heavy. Tripods tend to be built for a maximum weight and I was definitely exceeding mine. 

Hm so anyway. I’m really busy, but I think I’ll take this evening ‘off’ and take some new pictures. but let’s see what I end up feeling like doing. Thank you for following me and for sending me kind messages ♡ ♥💕❤😘



This gallery contains 5 photos.

These are the last photos that I took this time ^^ I hope that you can try and wear the Littleforbig Little Dreamers!!


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xD I think the shark’s expression in that first picture is very funny