What are you studying?

I graduated from university in August 2014, with a degree in biomedical sciences. I went on to do a PhD, which has come to its end some time ago. I’m writing my doctoral thesis now. As for the subject of what I researched, I’m not gonna mention it because you can probably figure out my real name from looking up my publications with the details I’ve provided here-and-there across the hundreds of blog posts xD. That said, there are several publications which I still have to finish writing the next few months. As I’m currently jobless and looking for the next step I will take, I told myself I really have to hurry up with that. Income wise, there’s social security for a few months, and after that I still have some reserve, so I’m not gonna starve any time soon. For the time being, I’m not going to move to a different place, despite my current place being quite costly. 

So at some point in the near-future, I will have to publicly defend my research. It’ll be a big step for little-minded me. Who knows what the future will bring ^^.

But thank you for this ask. I’ll gladly answer (almost) any ask I get ^^

Oh and for those of you who are Dutch, I am going to the anime convention Abunai in a few weeks ^^. Let’s see if you can find me!

What if.. wearing diapers was the norm and wearing underwear and relieving yourself in a dedicated spot was a rare thing. Would you still choose diapers over underwear? And why?

Right now, I would rather live in a society where nudity is the norm and clothes are aberrant. It was 40°C at one point today. When I got home today, my arms and legs were both sticking to my clothes. and my clothes have discolored patches on it now, gross. There aren’t enough showers in my house to wash this feeling away

Did you have an interest in plastic baby pants and baby diapers as a little girl?

I’m not sure if this is what you meant, but I think it’s a good idea not to talk about actual (real) young age and childhood when it can possibly be associated with abdl (so I won’t). I think it’s really questionable when someone reblogs both abdl stuff and posts with children in it. I can’t tell anyone what to do, but please don’t do this cus you put us all in bad light ;_;

I’m currently at Japan expo Paris, to sell art and music 🇯🇵,( my account is auto-posting old photos that I already took)

It’s going really well, and one of my friends gave me this lil shark as a gift!

I dropped my phone oops, it has a cracked screen now, it also cracked the phone’s camera lens😭. Can I buy a second hand phone from any of you, maybe? Something like an old Samsung s7.. That’d be so much help to me

I just recently found your page and I must say keep up the great work. I noticed you like anime and I wonder what is your favorite anime

I’m glad people are still using tumblr.. there was a big chance everyone would leave when they started banning every 18+ poster (I don’t technically post 18+ stuff, though I would suggest not to browse my blog in public xD)

thank you for being positive about my pictures ^^

I’m really into cutesy anime.. I’ve watched Lucky Star, Haruhi, Yuru Yuri, Kinmoza, Konosuba, Girls’ Last Tour, Hibike Euphonium, Hataraku Saibou, Barakamon, New Game, and tons more.. but I’m also really into Pokemon and that helps a lot these days with the new Sword/Shield being released in a few months



XD What the frick is this ask? Please go away; this is not a porn blog and it’s only me in the pictures. 

In some weeks when I get a lot of these sort of messages, I do wonder whether or not I’m wasting my time doing this blog. So far, this blog has given me one new friend that I enjoy talking to. Maybe that’s all I’m getting in return for all the time I’ve put into this. Where has the human empathy gone to? 

I know you’ve gotten asks like this before, but I honestly want to know why you think so little if yourself! You are incredible and you know it! I go through the same thing and I promise you it gets better! *hugs you through the screen*

If you wanna know the real reason, you can message me and we’ll talk ^^. But otherwise, I try my best now to appear positive-spirited!

Do you think your potty training had anything to do with why you like to wear diapers?

I dunno!

I think there’s several hypotheses for the origin of fetishes. I’m not the right person to ask ^^, sorry. Here is a lil picture of me sitting in front of my mirror wearing an outfit with a diaper underneath!

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I seriously wish you’d stop calling yourself ugly. We haven’t even seen your face, so we can’t decide. I understand that you value privacy, but honestly, you’re a 27 y/o with so much great stuff to go off of, so just focus on that, ok? Plus why would we stop caring? You’re awesome!

Hi.. I’m really sorry about often posting stuff where it sounds like I have low self-esteem. The reality is that I do have low self-esteem. The reality is that I do have to work on this by myself without taking it out on an online blog. I realize it’s unreasonable of me, especially considering I’m no youngster any more and should know better. 

Also to reiterate the age aspect.. I am turning 28 on the 3rd of January. This is a reminder to myself that I need to get my stuff together, and cherish what I have way more than I do now.

Congratulations. (Even hough your content isn’t explicit) Y you have survived the finger-snapping of Tumblanos. You and your padded butt live to see another day. Woohoo!

Thank you for this. I know my content isn’t explicit in tumblr’s sense.. but I will be more careful with what I post onto here. Maybe one day they change their mind and then “underwear visible” will be considered explicit or some weird thing. It’s unpredictable if terms of use can just change drastically..

I’m not mad about it like some others are.. it’s still their platform and it’s just the way they run their business and all..  The whole reason, how I see it, is just money. A lot of online platforms struggle with how to make their business model profitable, and tumblr is def one of them

I will continue to post pictures here, but I will put effort into fanning out to other websites just in case.. Or if no one cares, I’ll just stop one day. I’m getting old and ugly, anyway. 


Any thoughts on article 13?

I don’t know much about it. How I understand it is that the responsibility of infringement would then also lie with the distributor and not only the uploader..  This kind of liability makes it very unattractive to host user-generated media. In addition, the implementation of this law would require content distribution companies (Tumblr incl) to implement content recognition technology. Nowadays this shouldn’t really be an issue, I guess. YouTube has been doing exactly this with their ContentID for many years. However, herein lies the issue, I think. If an automated process is going to decide what gets flagged for deletion and what doesn’t, there’ll be false positives such as derivative work, and fair-use (parody, criticism, reportage). 

Given the magnitude of online distribution, even minor false-positive rates (like 0.1%) is in the millions of posts per year. If the system can be implemented with a safety net, to deal with the false positives, I guess I can sort-of agree with it. 

What I haven’t seen is a peer-reviewed analysis of what this kind of system would cost, and how much its benefit would be. Clearly if the benefit is greater than the costs, then it’s worth it. Law shouldn’t be based on principle, it should be based on hard numbers, in my opinion.. ^^

As for me personally.. all the stuff I post on this blog was made by me, so there would be no difference. 

but keep in mind I’m a biomedical scientist and not a law student XD. I can tell you all about how DNA gets transcribed to mRNA, or how to analyse lipids on gas chromatography.. but well, it’s not really for this blog..

Hai ^.^ welke producten gebruik je het liefst tijdens een luier wissel….?

Ik smeer alleen een beetje Niveau op mezelf voordat ik een luier aan doe. Zinkzalf is ook goed, en Zwitsal talkpoeder ook wel, maar ik heb toch liever iets vettigs op m’n huid. Wat doe jij dan?

The ask was: Hey, which products do you enjoy using the most during a diaper change

My answer: I only use a little bit of Niveau (vasline) on myself before putting on a diaper. Zinc ointment or talcum powder is also fine, but I prefer rubbing something greasy on my skin. What do you use?

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