Do you cum harder when you wear diapers and with sharky between you legs, than without the two?

This is private between my shark and me ^^


Have you ever thought about going or been to any ABDL events? I know they’re more popular in the USA but wondering if there’s any in Europe at all

I would rather not attend such real-life things. As far as I know there’s no big events around abdl in Europe. If there are, please tell me! There’s smaller gatherings of abdl internet forums, for sure. @emma-abdl organizes small gatherings in Amsterdam, if you’re interested in that

Hiii!! What’s your favorite genre of music, an do you have a favorite artist, band, or song??

I like listening to piano music when I want to feel at ease. My fav artist is Ludovico Einaudi, when it comes to piano music. I do listen to all sorts of other music. I am a big fan of Nightwish. But I also listen to a lot of Touhou music ^^. If you don’t know what Touhou means in this context, then I can strongly recommend it !!

You have mentioned occasional ageplay with others. Do you find you enjoy that more than solo ageplay? I have tried it, and I find it never synchs up well. Maybe our lottle ages are too far off, or we just play different. Never satisfying unless one partner stays in a parent role.

I can’t answer this in detail. The few times I did this, it was kinda awkward. I’ll probably try it again if there’s an opportunity, but maybe it will be just as awkward :/ 

Comment more than an ask: I appreciate your comments on the problems of incontinence. I have been AB/DL for decades, but a mild spinal injury combined with age has left me with moderate incontinence issues. VERY difficult, and I don’t mind diapers. I cannot even imagine full incontinence, especially for someone outside the community.

Thank you for this serious Ask. I want to write a more elaborate answer this time, because I have a few minutes to spare.

I’m 30 years old right now, and I’ve been using the internet since I was around 12. I mention this because as a teenager I found the internet fascinating. In those years, forums were much more commonly used compared to right now (as opposed to new websites like Yahoo Answers, Quora, or even Discord). I looked up so many topics and keywords, sometimes just to see what was written on it. Occasionally I combined keywords like “diapers”, “masturbation”, “fingering”, “fapping”, “bedwetting”, and “incontinence”, (or the Dutch equivalent of those terms) just to see what was written about it on various forums. I thought it was questionable and kinda appalling to see that there was clear sexual roleplay (or roleplay soliciting) going on at forums involving incontinence, secondary school education, and magazines for teenagers. The roleplay soliciting usually involved some form of description involving “I was forced to wear diapers by my mom for bedwetting, but I ended up really liking it, is this normal, what should I do??” There is a slim chance that some of these messages were genuine. Though, especially now that I’m a little bit older, I suspect that these messages were most likely written by horny adults. Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with being a horny adult among other horny adults XD. Stories can be a big turn-on, and there are dedicated platforms for exchanging erotic (ABDL) stories and for roleplaying. However, typing out horny (ABDL) messages on support forums for teenagers, bedwetting, or for incontinence is unacceptable, in my opinion. The former is problematic due to the presence of minors. The latter two is (in my opinion) problematic because it confronts people who have a medical issue with the fact that others enjoy diapers for non-medical reasons. Although that latter part is not bad per se, I suspect that it’s in the best interest of everyone that ABDL only minimally interacts with the bedwetting/incontinence people, to avoid any conflict. The reason that I have this opinion is that I would most likely not want to interact with anyone who has an amputee fetish, if my leg is amputated for medical reasons. 

Going back to the original point on incontinence; I want to be supportive when needed and otherwise not mention it. I suspect that adults who become incontinent probably at some point find out that ABDL is a real thing. It’s then their choice to read into it, or ignore it. I would not want to be incontinent, I would not wish incontinence onto anyone else. ABDL and incontinence can co-exist without ever interacting. Nowadays, the existence of ABDL-themed diapers underlines my opinion about this. How I understood it, incontinent folks prefer fabric-backed diapers. Plastic-backed diapers are mostly a fetish thing. So, the existence of ABDL-themed (plastic backed) diapers (to me) means that ABDL and incontinence has diverged their separate ways and are not reliant on one another. If a cure-all for incontinence was discovered tomorrow, and incontinence-oriented diapers would disappear, then ABDL would not necessarily be affected by this. If ABDL were to disappear, then incontinence-oriented diapers would also not be affected. Likewise, the design decisions in either only minimally affect one another. When it comes to AB stuff like onesies, adult pacis, I suspect that there’s even less interaction with the non-ABDL side as these products are uniquely made for ABDL. 

All in all, it’s my opinion that I shouldn’t purposely interact with non-ABDL incontinence folks, because I don’t wish to bother others. My ABDL blog should not interact with minors at all (and I don’t, AFAIK). If my presence on tumblr would bother others, then I should change the way that I write my posts. Right now, I think I’m doing okay in that my followers specifically follow me because they want to see my ABDL-themed pictures. Before I contact someone (on tumblr), I do check if they have 18+ in their description. That’s the least I can do

How much Money do you spend on diapers, onesies etc. per month? I find it really hard to justify spending money for things like that (and things that are solely for pleasure in general) since I don’t make that much in the first place… So I thought you might be able to share a little bit of life experience with the younger adults that follow you :)

I’ve learned to take “I don’t make that much” with a grain of salt. Especially when I see other people using crazy expensive phones and laptops. But anyway, what people actually mean when they say that phrase is that they don’t want to spend a lot of money on the topic that they were discussing. It’s perfectly understandable that someone has a 1500€ telephone, but thinks that the €2 dishwash soap is expensive. In reality, that’s absurd, but in human psychology I guess it makes sense. Money is a weird thing, you know. Some people will spend all their lives chasing it, and others spend all their lives swimming in it. If you think too much about it, maybe you’ll turn into a scrooge !

What I’m getting at is that ageplay is important to me. I don’t mind spending money on the things that I enjoy. I’m not going to use numbers to indicate what I spend on my little side. Instead, let’s say that I tend to use around 4-10 diapers per month, and my AB clothing (onesies, cloth diapers, plastic pants) are maybe 5% of my total wardrobe ^^. That last part, I do cheat a little bit. I tend to look for clothing that I can wear casually but are still kinda childish, and every soft pajama is an AB outfit to me. 

My advice is to prioritize, anyway. Life necessities go first; housing, food, your health, travel (to see family and friends), internet connectivity. Fun things should take second place to necessities. If I had less money available for abdl, I would probably only use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones.  

Hm yeah, as a side note, make sure that you’re an adult if you do follow me on tumblr. I don’t check who follows me, but it’s best that minors don’t interact with me. I’m not a pornblog, and technically I’m SFW, but I do tend to discuss 18+ topics occasionally. 


I ask not a question but a favour. one day please enjoy a lovely Lambic and some Leonidas chocolate. for I miss them so

Thank you for the favour. You’re talking about Lambic-style beer? I like Lindemans Kriek; this is a lambic-style beer containing bittery cherry. There’s many other Lambic beers, but I have not yet tried them. Now that I am living in the world capital of beer, I should probably try out more different ones xD. I love Leonidas chocolate. 

So many exciting new flavors to try out and share with friends ^^. I hope that you can visit Belgium and experience its beverage/chocolate culture at some point soon!

Have ever wore a diaper outside of your home? If not, would you to try someday?

Usually I do make it clear that I don’t ageplay outside of my home. Ageplay is like a mental thing that you need to fully devote yourself to, and embarrassment would prevent me from fully indulging myself. But well, aside from ageplay, I do like the feeling of diapers by themselves, as well. So occasionally when I am at an anime or comic convention cosplaying a character with a big dress or skirt, I’ll wear a diaper under my cosplay uniform ^^. That said, I haven’t been to an anime convention since 2019, for reasons that won’t have escaped you. I wonder if conventions will ever be a thing, again. I’m sorry, I think it is so sad. 

Would you like to live something like the storie you and @itmustbefun wrote together?

The story on Ann and Odi? (ah oops @itmustbefun I need to work out an idea for a possible follow-up of that story)

You know, the thing is, I find a lot of abdl stories unrealistic. The stories will be overly embarrassing or will put too much emphasis on the coom, in my opinion. I think that stories are written like this because the writer has no experience with relationships, or has difficulties translating their real-world experiences with relationships into empathetic stories. Of course, abdl stories are written for the coom, so it’s inevitable for it to contain some paragraphs on sex or masturbation (preferably with diapers or ageplay).

I’m talking about ABDL-related stories here, though probably my opinion on this topic can extent to other categories as well. I have watched most of Marvel’s movies, and honestly it just makes me wonder why they made those movies. If you compare those kinds of movies with (for instance) Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, Coco Before Chanel, Life of Pi, or Friends (tv show), the difference in audience involvement is probably off the charts. I’m not sure that I am getting my point across. 

Regardless, stories don’t have to narrate unrealistic scenarios, I think. If they describe a happy world, filled with happy people doing fun things and encountering normal problems, it will make us want to escape to that world. Ultimately, that’s what I think makes for a good story; empathetic characters and an atmosphere which fosters the desire to be in the story’s world. The story on Odi visiting Ann’s place in Antwerp is fully fictional. However, I’d be lying if I said that I would hate being in Ann’s shoes ^^. I’m also not very creative; so my own real name is kinda similar to one of those two girls’ names. 

What are some of your favorite pieces of art and why do you like them?

You’re asking me about my photos? I’m not sure if photos can be art, nowadays. The average attention span is so short that photos stand no chance. I guess that music is the true modern art, because it’s actively enjoyed by so many, every day. I refuse to acknowledge that advertisement can be art, though. 

Anyway, I dunno which ones of my own art I’d consider favorite. I don’t promote myself ^^;;. bleh

Visit to Antwerp Zoo (story)

@itmustbefun wrote a story for me (doing 95% of the work). I provided the description of the characters, events and overall feel, and they provided the details of the story. I did the final editing. If you want to write a story together with me, please e-mail

Short ABDL story, ~2000 words, 10 minutes reading.

She was on her way to Antwerp to meet
Ann. About 5 years ago, Odile met Ann at university and their friendship quickly
grew and blossomed after a wild night out. The years at university brought them
closer together, and they became best friends. After graduating, they kept in
touch through letters (secretly written like love letters), chat messages and
frequent visits. After her studies, Odile moved back to the Netherlands and
kickstarted her career as an independent psychologist. Mentally taking care of
others was her strong point, befitting her caregiver-like personality. She was
always making sure that accompanying friends and family were having a good
time. In contrast. Ann was more of a freewheeler; taking life as it came
without long term plans. After her studies, she stuck around and without
further ado her coffee bar student job turned full-time. The pay was mediocre,
but the customers were fun, and her Antwerp city center studio was surprisingly

was so excited; she was nearly bouncing on her couch. Odile’s presence (or Odi as she called her) always
made her feel happy. Odi always knew about fun things to do and Ann just went
along, happy being in her friend’s presence. “Oops, it’s nearly time to hurry
to the station!!” Ann thought to herself when she realized that she had been
spending the whole morning in her pajamas. It was a sunny day so she just put
on her dungaree shorts and a cotton top. Some white sneakers finished the
playful attire and off she went. Odi was admiring the view from the train when
entering the main train station. The station was built in the 18th
century and looked a lot like the New York Grand Central Terminal. Located in
the city center, the last few miles provided a nice view on the city. When the
train stopped, Odi quickly noticed Ann as she was frantically waving her arms
while sporting a big smile on her face. “She’ll never grow up”, Odi thought.
Odi got out of the train and gave her friend a big hug. With Ann being more
than one foot smaller than Odi, she could really snuggle into her arms. She
loved Odi’s embrace; her maternal warmth, trust, and the feeling of safety. Fully
aware of this, and enjoying the maternal feeling, Odi held her just a tad bit
longer than others would.

 “We have the whole afternoon in front of
us. Anything you want to do?”, Ann asked. “I’ve heard the zoo is pretty
impressive here. What about a visit?”. Ann loved the idea. It’s been ages since
she last went to a zoo and she really loved the whole ambiance.

With the zoo being just next to the
station, it was but a few minutes’ walk. Ann couldn’t contain her excitement
and was running back and forth between the exhibits and her friend; frantically
pointing, giggling, and often out of breath. Odi knew how she was and let Ann
be Ann. Having calmed down a bit, Odi held Ann’s hand as they were walking
towards the food court. Over lunch, Ann shared funny stories of the coffee
place, while Odile talked about her experiences at the practice, being careful
and excluding personal details. Over time, the conversation drifted towards
their time at uni. Odi was thinking back to a wacky evening after one of the exams.
Things got way too silly that evening and they never spoke about it afterwards.
She remembered how right that night felt; like a jigsaw puzzle falling into
place. Perhaps she could bring up this story later today. Right now, she was
enjoying the stories Ann was telling. Her enthusiastic naivety always got her
in the weirdest situations.

 At around 4 o’clock, they decided to head to Ann’s
apartment for dinner. All the excitement got the better of Ann and she felt
quite tired. Once at the apartment, Ann handed over her bag to Odi “ Here, you
open my door, I’m too tired to find my keys”, as she leaned against the wall.
Inside, Odi again realized how much Ann’s studio represented her personality.
Plush animals were sitting side-by-side on the couch, pillows and blankets
littered the seats and there was an overall playful atmosphere. Odi made a
quick bathroom break and when she came back, she found Ann lying on the couch.
She sat beside her friend, gently caressing her hair, and noticed Ann falling
asleep. Grabbing a soft pink blanket from a nearby chair, she tucked her friend
in and noticed she slowly brought her thumb to her mouth. ‘Excellent’, Odi
thought. With her friend taking a nap, her maternal instincts told her that it
was her duty to prepare dinner. Glancing in the fridge and cupboards, it seemed
that all the ingredients were there to prepare a lasagna. While building up the
layers, she couldn’t get her mind off of the memories of the wacky evening they
had some years ago. When she put the fresh made lasagna in the oven, she
glanced over at Ann; now curled up into a ball, still fast asleep. There was
little less than an hour to set everything up for what might become an evening
to never forget. She entered Ann’s bedroom and recognized the wooden storage
box that sat at the end of the bed. “She doesn’t even hide it nowadays”, Odi
quietly said to herself, giggling, as she opened the lid. She was happy to see
what was inside; “Still my little girl”. Inside, there were several soft cotton
and flannel onesies, bottles, dummies, powder, and one and a half packages of
pink-colored diapers. “Hm, these look a lot nicer than the ones she had at
uni”, she thought. She folded one open and was happily surprised by how soft
and thick they felt. She quietly fluffed one up and enjoyed the crinkly sound.
“Sweet memories…”. She grabbed a few items from the box and took them to the
living room, quietly hiding them behind the couch. “This is going to make her
really happy”, she thought as she sat down by the kitchen table with a glass of

 “Trrring” The oven timer sounded;. the
lasagna was ready. Grabbing oven mittens, Odi placed the dish on the table as
she glanced over to the couch where Ann slowly awoke from the sound. “Hi there,
sleepy head. You dosed off there.”. Ann opened one eye and looked directly into
the smiling face of Odi. “You silly girl. Dinner is ready”. After stretching
her arms and legs, and rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she stood up and sat
down by the kitchen table. Odi served Ann a piece of the lasagna. “Careful,
it’s still hot. I´ll cut it for you” she said with a smile. “Yes, please”, Ann
responded. She was pleasantly surprised that her friend offered to cut her
food. Would she still be interested in playing? She decided to play along and
see how far Odi would go. Pushing her food around the plate with her fork, she
spilled some food on the table. “It’s difficult to eat lasagna with a fork.”,
she whined in a childish voice. “Everybody eats lasagne with a fork. I already
cut it for you so you should be fine”, Odi responded in a motherly tone. “I
think it’s still too difficult!”, Ann said as she purposefully spilled a piece
of food on her clothes. She knew exactly which buttons to push, and it seemed
to have its desired effect. With a smile on her face, Odi got up and sat right
next to Ann. “In that case, I will spoonfeed you” Odi said as she revealed a
green plastic kids spoon, that she had hidden underneath her napkin. Ann’s eyes
got really big as she exclaimed “Yay! Yes, please, mama” with a high-pitched

 After dinner, Odi looked at Ann and said
“Such a messy eater. I think I need to put you in the shower first to get you
all clean again.” She took Ann’s hand and guided her to the bathroom. Ann put
both her arms in the air, something Odi clearly recognized as a sign to help
her take off her shirt. “Let me help you out of these clothes, little one”, Odi
said and she carefully undressed her friend. Once naked, Odi ran the shower to
the right temperature, and said “There you go, you can step into the water”.
Odi got a washcloth and squirted some baby shower gel onto it. The bathroom was
instantly filled with that particular babyish scent, and it brought back a lot
of memories. The situation felt so natural to both Odi and Ann. They fully trusted
each other. Trying not to get wet from the shower, Odi delicately washed Ann’s
body. Starting with her back and then moving to the front, she felt how her
whole body started to tingle from excitement. Odi knew what she was doing. When
Ann started to become to excited she continued washing the next spot, leaving
Ann with a lingering feeling, first in her breasts, than in her pussy and then
throughout her whole body. When the warm water washed the soap away, the
babyish scent lingered on her body. How she loved this feeling. Odi took a
large soft towel and wrapped it around Ann. The fluffiness completely embraced
her. Gently, she guided her friend back to the living room and rested her down on the couch. “Let me take care of
you”, she whispered. She took the diaper and baby powder she had prepared
earlier from behind the couch. The pink diaper was really crinkly. “Lift up for
me, now” Odi said as she slid the diaper underneath her. She puffed some baby
powder on Ann’s crotch and slowly started to rub over it. She knew how to
tease, making circles with her fingers, gently touching but never coming close
to her lingering clit. Ann started to squirm to get Odi’s finger to that sweet
spot where she wanted to be touched so badly. Ann slowly went up and down her crotch
with one finger and softly entered Ann’s pussy. With her other hand, Odi closed
the front of the diaper, but not yet taping it shut. Ann let out a gasp, which
was quickly softened by the dummy that Odi immediately placed in Ann’s mouth.
“Uh-uh, little girls don’t make that sound” Odi said with a smile, while fully
aware of her friend’s erect nipples. This was exactly what Ann wanted. The scent of baby powder, the soft diaper pressing against her butt and her friend who was slowly
fingering her. Odi’s thumb was now close to Ann’s clit making
circles around it. Ann felt the warm glow start to come from the tips of her
toes. She started to feel all warm inside. Her toes started to curl, her body
became all tense, past the point of no return. Her dummy fell from her mouth as
she let out an intense moan. She shook with the wave of the orgasm rippling
back and forth through her whole body. With Ann completely spent and gazing out
into the distance, Odile taped shut the diaper. With post-orgasmic fluffy legs and
arms, she let Odi put her in a soft and warm onesie and welcomed the blankets
that were drawn over her. Odile joined her friend underneath the blankets, and
placed her arms around her, softly stroking her hair, Ann felt the warmth of
her friend’s skin against her own skin, the softness of the diaper, and noticed the babyish scent lingering around. Odi pushed one
leg in between Ann’s legs, against the soft fabric of the onesie. Moments
later, Odi could feel a warm sensation on her leg and smiled; “Please be
my baby, forever” she said. Ann whispered “Yes, mommy”,  closed her eyes, and
drifted off to sleep. Shortly after, Odi felt herself drifting into sleep and
gave in. Tomorrow is Saturday. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I just got accepted in an internship in Marseille, France ! I’m so happy (that’s my part of positivity :p)Did you like France ? And is there any french city you want to visit when the Covid end?

Huh, congratulations on this internship in Marseille ! What kind of position is it? I have a postdoc friend in Marseille who tells me it’s near-impossible to find interns cus the local students don’t speak English very well xD. He needs to offer an opportunity to a student as that’s part of the research position. I have also had several interns the last few years. I think that they can be very engaging to work with. I wonder what the Belgian students will be like, when I take a Belgian intern. Maybe they will look down on my Dutch xD, who knows.

I’m not sure if I like France; I’ve only been to a few places in that country. As a kid I visited Normandy a few times, and in my adult life I visited a Parisian friend on multiple occasions. I’m interested in a French town called Colmar, as it’s what Gochiusa was based on; an anime that I like a lot. Apart from those places, I dunno. I don’t speak French, and the French don’t speak Dutch or English, so when I am visiting France I would always be an outsider. Does that make sense? I’d probably want to visit my Parisian friend at some point, or I’ll ask her to come to me in Louvain. Let’s see what happens. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing far-away friends again.

Ooh, you’re in the sciences, so I can ask this: who do you think invented calculus, Newton or Leibniz?

You know, the scientific method is set up in such a way that the scientist is replaceable. You see this time and time again, when a scientific finding is obvious (given prior knowledge), then it will be “invented” several times by different people ^^. Especially in times when worldwide scientific communication and reporting was less effective, this happened a lot. Of course the scientist people themselves would really like to think that they’re brilliant and irreplaceable xD 

Do you play any video games? If so, what do you like to play?

There’s a few games that I play. Pokemon stuff (PoGo, SunMoon, Sword), Animal Crossing, Touhou.. In the past I played a lot of Mario Kart, Monkey Island, Sims, Civilization (4?), Neptunia, Nekopara, Audiosurf, Analogue a Hate story, Wizardry 8, Skyrim, Heavy Rain, Beyond two Souls, and lots of older SNES games like Donkey kong country, Metroid, and hm probably some others that I’ve forgotten about. Games are fun when you’re a kid or a student with lots of free time, but I kinda don’t have the time any more to be immersed in a videogame. Every time my mind wanders and the immersion is kinda gone. I can catch pokemon on the streets but this isn’t really a game compared to those others, maybe

What do you think of when your are… you know… doing the naughty thing? Any special fantasies or scenarios that get you going? I’m sorry if this is inappropriate for you, don’t feel pressured to answer this :)

I’m sorry, I tend not to answer lewd Asks and messages. I know that I occasionally mention it on my own accord, and I should definitely try to keep the lewdness to a minimum. I’m not a SFW ageplaying blog; there’s too many suggestive pictures on my blog. However, I don’t want to be (seen as) a pornblog. I don’t even know why I’m taking all these pictures and exposing myself on the internet. By logic, I probably should not be doing it. I’m going to make a mistake one day and accidentally get identified by someone IRL. Or maybe I’ll take negative comments too close to heart and internalize them as actual character flaws while they might not even be genuine to begin with. (Same goes with accepting too many positive remarks). Why do you think that I do this? It’s probably for getting attention, if I were to guess.. I do really like all the attention that I get, and all the interactions ^^

Do you like to read for fun? If so, what do you like to read?

Hm unfortunately I don’t have time to read novels. I do read a lot of technical stuff, but that probably wasn’t your question. It’s really unfortunate, because my English suffers from it. I can write concise unambiguous biomedical jargon, but I’m much less fluent in contemporary non-technical stuff :/ 

What is your favorite food you discovered?

There’s a few foods which I discovered the last few years which stand out for me..  

You should definitely try Okonomiyaki if you can; it’s a hearty Japanese ‘pancake’. 

When it comes to ice cream, I really like it when there’s matcha mixed in the cream; it gives a strong green color and a unique flavor. Though, dame blanche will always be my most favorite dish, for it is a choco overload!

 For drinks, I like a lot of the wines and ciders that I am finding here in Belgium. And I am a big fan of weird French cheeses ^^. Fresh goat cheese is the best! I chose a nice place to live, after my adventures in the north of the Netherlands. The food and drinks culture is so strong here 

If you had to get a PhD in something, (Even if it’s something super silly like building legos), what would it be and why?

xD I kinda feel like this Ask was written without knowing that I do hold a PhD. I am Dr. Coucherequin, to you. I can’t even tell you in what I did my doctorate, because it’d be 10 seconds on google to find my full name. Let’s just say that it’s related to the quality of infant food (yes really)