Today I realized that Summer is over, where I live.. The trees growing by my house shed their leaves in a matter of days, and the color of the day is turning grey once more. I’ll try and have fun, and hope that you can join me ^^


Here’s a short doc about age play, by Spuiten en Slikken. It aired on Dutch television last night.
And yes, that’s me, in a not so well done disguise 😉 The reporter Gwen joins us in my nursery, and I got to dress her up. So cute 💖
Click on US subtitles if you don’t speak Dutch 😊

Xx Emma

This is a lil Dutch video (don’t worry, there’s English subtitles!) about the non-sexual side of abdl. At first I thought it would be embarrassing to watch, but it turned out to be really positive and carefree. The presenter and Emma are natural about it.. <3