Anne’s day off (short story)

story, 700 words.

Today is a
day off work. “I can’t wait until my package gets delivered” Anne thought while
she is folding her clothes and placing them in the closet. “I deserve this,
right? Ever since I started that job as a researcher at the hospital I’ve been
super stressed”. It wasn’t just the job that stressed her; moving to a new town
and decorating a small studio apartment took its toll.

“This’ll be
the first time since I’m living by myself” she thought to herself while looking
around the living room. The room is small, but cosy, and some the furniture has
odd colours. Her face looked satisfied, as if judging her own accomplishments.

doorbell rings. “Ah” Anne exclaims softly as she was plucking a string of hair
from her jacket. Almost tripping over the cat, she places the received package
on the sofa and looks for something to open the box.

“Aw they’re
sooo cute…” she said while pulling one out the case. Anne walks over to the
window and pulls the white curtains shut. They don’t hold back any light, but
at least give some privacy. She places a blue blanket, printed with rather
infantile art, on the floor and places one of the received items on it. The
plastic backside crinkles slightly when she sits down bare-bottomed on it.

Anne walks
over to the upright mirror in the corner of the room. “Aw… the new Crinklz look
super cute” she said while gliding both her hands over her thighs onto the
nappy and along her belly. Goosebumps appeared briefly on her belly and legs.
Her eyes were busy looking at every side of the nappy, and then some more.

“It’s so
satisfying to pour the water on the powder” she said to herself while preparing
a bottle of milk formula. She had put on a light blue nightgown that reached
just to her knees. The nappy had discoloured slightly near the bottom. The cat
walked circles around her bare feet, in anticipation of food. “No no missy, this
milk is for me!” is what the pussycat got as an answer to its meows.

Poofing down
on the sofa, Anne couldn’t help herself and slid her left index finger over her
crotch. She could feel the warmth through the plastic and made a giggly
expression. She finished the bottle just when the 6th episode of Is
the Order a Rabbit? Was finishing. “I wanna pinch Chino” Anne said while
getting up, and walking over to her bed to get a shark plushie.

It was nearly
5pm and Anne was soaked from front to back. Sitting down on her bed, she slid a
storage box in between her legs. Plugged in and switched on, the wand started
to vibrate softly. Laying down and pushing the head against her crotch, she let
out a soft moan while sucking on a dummy. A fan-made remix of a Touhou song was
playing in the background. Anne got on her back and pushed the head on harder.
She knew that the feeling would be stronger without the nappy, but the wet
padding felt so good that she couldn’t convince herself to take the Crinklz
off. The room was being filled with moans and pleasure. She touched her right
breast and felt that her nipples were super hard. The dummy fell out of her
mouth. It felt like her crotch was exploding; she yelled, squirted and peed.
She got on her side, onto her belly, and laid face down with the vibrator’s head
pushing hard against the front of her wet nappy. She came a second time and pushed
the magic wand out the bed.

The sound
of her neighbour closing his front door woke her up. She twisted and turned to
get her phone. “Oh it’s already 7pm.. I better change back to big girl clothes.
Ah well, fun is best when it has an ending” she said while walking to the
bathroom. She turned the hot water tap on, and carefully removed the tapes to
see the damage.


Thank you for reading