10 “Forced Regression” Phrases That Are GUARANTEED To Excite Many Littles


  1. I’m sorry, little one, but I’m the one in charge, now!
  2. This isn’t a question. Mommy/Daddy decided. Babies don’t disagree
  3. It’s so cute when you think you get to have a choice. 
  4. Oh, little one, don’t be so silly! Of course I’m going to decide for you!
  5. Hmmm, I think someone needs a nap. And if that doesn’t work…maybe a punishment to cure that bad mood.
  6. It’s so cute when you pretend to be big. But we both know you aren’t, don’t we. 
  7. I love it when you pretend you don’t need your mommy/daddy, because it lets me prove that you do. 
  8. Somebody had better start listening to me quickly, if they don’t want a spanking/punishment. 
  9. I don’t remember giving you permission to do that….
  10. No, don’t worry. I don’t need your input. Babies don’t tell mommies/daddies what they want