Here’s a short doc about age play, by Spuiten en Slikken. It aired on Dutch television last night.
And yes, that’s me, in a not so well done disguise 😉 The reporter Gwen joins us in my nursery, and I got to dress her up. So cute 💖
Click on US subtitles if you don’t speak Dutch 😊

Xx Emma

This is a lil Dutch video (don’t worry, there’s English subtitles!) about the non-sexual side of abdl. At first I thought it would be embarrassing to watch, but it turned out to be really positive and carefree. The presenter and Emma are natural about it.. <3 


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nenettelg: Memories of a great weekend with my brothers ab. Games, cuddles, sweets, and nonsense of course! This blog is adorable °^° , and looks like so much fun. Go and see the other pictures!

You’re super hot and I’m a fan. I hope you post again soon!


Thanks! Been really busy, but I might post more soon. I just never have any good ideas for what to post 🙂 

Hm I think I have this issue as well, so I end up taking pictures of just me chilling around my room. But one thing you can do is show off your cute clothes, if you have several, I think! And well, I’d love to see more of you *wink wink* but that’s up to you!


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care4baby: coucherequin: No sharks were hurt while taking these photos! ..just cuddled a lot. ..and thats fine – they like that. I hope they do °^°, cus I do it a lot! Coucherequin on InstagramCoucherequin’s blogFetlife

Thank you so much

So.. yeah.. Hi. I want to thank everyone that follows me on this blog. I recently got my 500th follower and that is just crazy o_o. Why do you follow me? I don’t dare to show my face, and I only take pictures in my house.. but I’ll try and continue taking interesting pictures for you. Thank you, once more. If you have suggestions for how I can take pictures, you can send me a message and I would do it if possible ^^

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