The amazing picture of you I reblogged recently got my phantasies going – the idea of spanking the naughty girl was only one of them. It could have been: “I would have opened the soaked diaper and fucked your dripping wet pussy.” Or: “Lying beside you I had come into my own wet diaper at the same time. Afterwards we lovingly cleaned each other and got back to bed…” Or: … Do you dream of anything like that when enjoying the soft wetness in your diapers? Groetjes from Germany

I’m really grateful to you and also to others whenever one of my pics gets reblogged or liked ^^. My self esteem is really low, but I’m still really happy about the responses I get from this blog. 

You sent me a really naughty question, but it’s okay, I do read all of em and try to reply to everyone (if you wanna have an answer in private, say so ^^)!  You’re making me blush a lil bit with your little fantasies *_* , I dunno how to respond to it! I dream of being happy with myself, but that wasn’t your question XD. I dream of living on my own instead of in a student house! I dream of having more free time so I can be little and hug my cat. And yeah occasionally I’m super wet and I dream that someone else would be next to me to please me and make me feel good, and if they wanna they could change me and bring me a bottle too!

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