Things that make me smol

🌸Ask me what color something is

💕Ask me to count out something

🌼Fill up my bottle or sippy for me

☀️Make me cute meals on my cute plates

🌻Give me small baby snacks and portions

✨"Come here baby"

🎀"Hold daddys hand"

❄️Tell me im too little to do things

🍭"Use your words sweetie"

🌺Tell me I need a nap

🌤Tell me to do things!

⭐️Being an instigater for little things

🌨"why dont you go color daddy a picture?“

🌈Check up on me!

💫"What have you eaten today baby?”

🍓"Does somebody need to go potty?“

🌟"Did you drink enough water?”

☃️"How’s my little girl?“

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