Hi I’m sure you get asked all the time what do you like most about being in a nappy. Do you wear in public?

I don’t get many asks ^^. Asks are lots of tanoshii! And I wish I would get them more often.. But it is what it is. If you wanna ask me something (anonymously), go ahead

What I like to do in a diaper is ageplay °^°! I relax, try out clothing that I have to see if I can make cute sets.. I take pictures of myself, I play with my cat, sometimes I play with myself (don’t tell anyone..). I don’t think I would go outdoors. I can’t relax on my bed or hug my plushies when I’m outside so there’s very little appeal in going outside for me. Indoors is all soft and warm and there’s lots of warm lights ^^, outside is harsh and cold and dark. Wearing diapers isn’t just about the feeling it has on my skin, but the whole babyish little feel that I get around it. I can’t let my mind slip into little mode when I’m in the street XD. That would be really embarrassing and not fun.

I’ll attach some pictures to this post. They’re all posted to my blog already, but I think not many people look back at my older posts.. Maybe for a reason, but I hope they do get seen sometimes!


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