Many thanks for getting back to me it’s ashame you don’t get many asks! You do look cute in your different pictures. I see you use your nappy the correct way and there is nothing wrong with a bit of play time. If you could choose, which nappy is your favorite? What are the names of your soft toys? Is there a way to start a conversation with you?

uhhuh ^^ , it’s okay I don’t get many asks; maybe it’s sort of a silent appreciation than an active passion. Thank you for calling me cute.. Is peeing a nappy the ‘correct way’? XD I think I’m supposed to stay dry cus I’m a bit old for diapers. But it just happens on its own once I’m in the mood I can’t hold it in x_x. (I”m not incontinent if you wonder, it’s just for fun..) Hmm I got the question a couple of times which nappy is my fav, and I don’t really know cus I haven’t tried out many. So far I really liked wearing the crinklz, if you scroll down in my blog you’ll eventually stumble on a picture of it. When you said “soft toys” XD I kinda wanted to reply that my vibe doesn’t have a name, but you probably meant plushies. I call the shark ‘requin’ , but here in my own place I don’t have any other notable stuffies. I’ll attach a fun picture of holding the requin, cus it’s just big enough to be used as a body pillow ^^ , a big shark fish pillow! Anyone can start a converation with me, either by sending me an Ask or sending me a private message


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