This is a text post about me. If you don’t care about me as a person, just skip it, it’s fine. I’ll post new pictures in a couple of days. Click below to read the post

I’m the person in the pictures. I’ve been into diapers since early teens; I’m 27 now. I’m a little, but sometimes when in the mood I do get aroused from wearing diapers. I live in the Netherlands in a student house with 2 others, however I have my own private room. Housemates don’t know I’m a little and it’s best they don’t. I work as a medical researcher (PhD) in a hospital right now and I’m not a student

The last couple of months I’ve posted a lot of pictures of myself. I hope this doesn’t come over as vain or narcisist, cus that was never my intention. Taking pictures of people is something I do for fun, and I’ve found that taking pictures of myself gives me some joy. I’m glad and grateful that I can make others happy with those pictures. I realize some pictures are boring, especially repetitive pictures. I’ll try to improve as much as I can! I censor my face because I fear getting blackmailed by someone, but also because I don’t like the way I look. In fall 2017 I finally gathered enough courage (and money) to get my squint surgically corrected (and I did, already). A squint is when your eyes don’t look in the same direction. While I was temporarily high on courage, I also convinced myself of going for another round of accutane to decrease my acne a bit more. So that’s gonna take my money the coming 6 months. It’s a pain in the butt to take with all the required tests, but I am hopeful it will lessen my self-loath. 

So what sort of person am I? I’m tall but light-weight (1.7m, 55 ish kg), socially awkward but fortunate enough to have some close friends, and currently not looking for a daddy/mommy or partner ^^;. Sorry about the latter. I like cats and have one. I get no joy from travelling and holidays, but will gladly sit 8 hours in a smelly bus to see a close friend. Being little is my private thing that no one can take away from me and no one can spoil. I have bottles, pacis, (cloth) diapers, and lots of cute clothing. I don’t have onesies, footed pyjamas or other AB clothing. I do occasionally wet, but I don’t do #2. I would like to try AB clothing and AB diapers, but money is tight right now. If I had more self-esteem, I would consider setting up a patreon. I don’t like snapchat. Besides little, I enjoy Japanese anime and manga, and go to a lot of conventions where I either wear outfits that I feel good in, or cosplays of characters that I like. Thank you for reading this ^^, send me a message if you wanna

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