Would you hug me?


;_; I’d love to, with anyone. Gotta feel cozy around people and feel good. But I feel so at ease when I’m by myself. It’s such a dichotomy 

Ja wil je wel knuffelen in je mooie luier

Aw ^^, you said you wanted to hug me.. 

Actually looking at this picture, there’s so many of my stuff in it °^°. You can see my bright pink sofa, and on top of it is the shark plushie that I’ve held in my arms on so many occasions. On the floor by my feet there’s a big pile of Rilakkuma kigurumi (sorta like a big one-piece pyjama but without feet), and a little string that my cat played with. On the heater there were shoes drying cus it always rains where I live (XD). And on the little table there’s an old Surface tablet, which is very slow for posting pictures but it’s all I have so I just accept it for what it is. 

I was still growing out my hair here. But I dunno I kinda liked it when it was shorter cus it was easier to wash

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