Hey. Hey. Guess what? …You’re a lil’ cutie! *petpetpets* Also what’s your opinion of Crinklz? Since northshore started carrying them I’m considering buying them. Have a good day!

Hello! Thank you for your super kind ask @thatbum42 , and for calling me a cutie even though I’m not! I liked crinklz. And at 1.25€ per nappy for a medium pack of 15 they’re probably the cheapest AB diaper you can get XD. I think I got just two of them to try out what they were like. I can’t write a review on them, tho I’ll say that I had fun in them. However, I have to mention that someone told me they changed their design at some point. When that happened and what was changed, I dunno, something to look out for. I should wear a crinklz diaper again soon ^^

I’ll attach some pictures to this post. Hopefully you’ll like one of them


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