How may/what diapers where you wearing in the mirror shot?

Hmm Well the thing is that occasionally (often) I’m very lazy when it comes to taking pictures of myself. What this means is that almost every single time I decide to take pictures, I also end up taking pictures of myself in front of a mirror, cus it’s just so easy.. You have to keep in mind I take all the pictures on this blog on my own. So the ones where I’m not holding the camera in my hands, I had to set it up on a tripod with a timer.. I’ll go over some of my pics to see if I can still recognize the nappies for you ^^. but feel free to correct me in a comment


1. This one is called “

Vlesi-Slip comfort Premium night”. Super fun to wear!


2. I’m actually not sure?  One of Abena’s pull-ups. Terrible, I wouldn’t want to wear these again


3. This is an abena m3 ^^ , very average nappy


4. I think this one was called “Euron Form“


5. This is a (very wet) Abena m4. I was never able to get one to leak XD


6. Dotty the pony diapers ^^


7. Crinklz diaper


8. (very wet) “forma care x plus”


9. Betterdry M10.. Probably the thickest non-abdl diaper there is °^°


10. and this is tena slip maxi..

I’ve worn a ton more diapers, but you’ll just have to browse this blog XD

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