How often do u wear your diapers

Hm Well I only enjoy it in the weekend, when I don’t have to go outside. Going outside, especially to work, is something I don’t want to mentally associate with littlespace. But also usually after I’ve worn nappies, the craving goes away for a few days. So at most it’s once per week, but sometimes as little as once every 2-3 weeks. The other reason why I don’t wear very often is because I have a uh.. limited supply as you could say XD. The picture I posted below was taken in May 2017 and I haven’t bought any new nappies in the mean time. When you don’t do something very often, it keeps its shine ^^


Although up until a couple of years ago, this was all I typically had:


I think I got a lot better diapers now compared to a couple of years ago

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