I think u should always be appreciated your a sweetheart and always look very pretty in all your pics i agree about how being a little in your own room is the best cause the outside world is cruel i cant wait to have my own place then i can wear to

Thank you a lot for the ask ^^ , sorry I’ve been slow at answering them lately! Your ask was really kind and I can’t agree more that the outside world can be cruel and a weird place. In my opinion, littlespace (which for me includes wearing diapers) has its location and time and it doesn’t do very well out in the street, at work or in the shops. In much the same way that Halloween outfits don’t work at any other location and time than during Halloween (and maybe some weird parties XD). That doesn’t mean that you can’t, or shouldn’t, just that I am probably not going to wear a diaper outside of my house. I need to hug sharky, after all

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