at what age did you start wearing a adult diaper? and do you have a mommy or daddy?

Hm I don’t actually remember so well when I bought my first adult diaper. When I was a teenager (like 16-ish) I used to buy drynites, but when I got older they didn’t fit me any more. I kept onto them for a long time. In the pic below you can see those pink diapers underneath the abena s4.. The first adult diapers I bought were the Attends slip m9 with 2 tapes. I must have been 17 or 18. I hated them so much. The thought of wearing diapers turned me on a lot, but when I looked at those attends I was turned off almost instantly. Because of that, I hardly ever wore diapers for years and years. The second pack of diapers I bought was the abena m3 and I liked them a lot ^^. From that point onwards, I got into diapers a lot more and I felt okay with exploring it more. Part of the exploring was getting pacis and bottles (and a vibe lol), and baby powder, and then it all went downhill when I started buying cute clothes for myself. Now look where I am XD. I’m just a big baby now 


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