So.. hi.. I haven’t posted anything new to this blog in a while (just kinda reblogs of my own content to answer reblogs of others, replies, asks, and smearing out all the pictures that I took of myself last time. And just to be clear, the previous time I actually wore diapers was almost 2 months ago so I have a lot of pent up desire to wear diapers XD. Back then, a very kind person called @cofftee donated a pile of diapers to me, which was very kind of him and I’m super grateful for this. I think it’s very difficult to keep this blog interesting if I have to wear 20 of the same diapers each time I buy a pack of diapers (or however many there are in a bag of that particular brand). It’s much more interesting and fun for a picture blog like me if I can vary a lot with different diapers, and @cofftee did exactly that, by sending all different ones ^^.

The reason I went without diapers for almost 2 months wasn’t really out of choice. During April I had to travel to San Diego to attend a conference (work thing), and almost immediately after that I had to travel to Genève also for work. I talked about this with some of you on chat already and I often saw the reply that I could have taken diapers with me and chill out in the hotel room.. Well.. Yeah, that is possible ^^;;. But I’ve written a couple of times before that I don’t really enjoy wearing diapers that much outside my own room, cus even though I feel aroused from wearing diapers (which would apply in any location), it’s the things I do around it that make me feel like a little kid (which I can’t do in random locations). Also, my travel budget for work isn’t that big, so I use airbnbs.. There’s nothing wrong with airbnbs, but both times I’ve used them in April and May it was just someone’s guest room and the privacy isn’t good enough for wearing diapers. No matter, I had a lot of fun at these two places, I thought the conferences were fairly interesting and useful (although I’m still looking for a serious job lead for next year, which I should have spent more time on during these conferences). Anyway.. this rant is long enough, I’ll post about this some other time if anyone cares at all.

I took this picture because I had to pick one of these to wear, and I kinda want to keep the good ones until later…  So I went with the blue one on the top right, a molicare slip maxi plus

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