Are you having dreams, where you have a diaper and you end up using it? If yes, have you woken up scared, whether you have really wet yourself?



Hmm.. It kind-of happened, but probably not exactly how you described it and how you’re envisioning it. I did wet my bed a couple of times the past couple of years, because I dreamt I was wearing a diaper and it was okay to pee. But it was never like a full bladder.. all the times it was just a little amount, where I would wake up to realize my undies and pyjamas and a small part of my bed sheets became wet but never my mattrass.. So I’m glad it never happened because cleaning that must be a pain in the butt.

There were also a couple of times I dreamt I was wearing a diaper and I woke up feeling really aroused… but that’s kinda indecent of me, so it’s best I don’t talk about it unless people want to.. So if you wanna, you can respond to this saying your opinion whether or not you think it’s indecent or okay °^°


It’s definitely ok

Oh, is it? Well.. to some people it is °^°, but not to me! I hate cleaning my bedsheets in the middle of the night. It sounds really romantic when you think about it, but actually changing the sheets at 4am is a hassle and ruins your night XD

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