Good morning my diaperd friend hope u have a great day today stay dry and your pics are amazing top quality and your so well behaved to like a good girl should be have a nice monday

I’m gonna try and answer more Asks, although I have a ton of them and I don’t wish to overload you and others x_x. Luckily it is actually Monday today, so I can at least reference to your ask XD.

Thank you so much for telling me that you think my pictures are good ^^. I’m super glad to hear that and I’ll try my best to take more pictures whenever I have a free day and feel like getting into little mode. I mean.. I’m not a model, so I really don’t know how to pose or how to take pictures properly or how to go about this whole blog thingie systematically.. The only thing I want is to make my own littlespace, and if others want to join in on the fun, I hope they do! I’d love to get a PM from you again and a little chat, if you wanna! 

I’ll also attach a picture from a while ago (last Winter, when it was super cold in my room), to make this post interesting also for others.. Thank you ^^, hope you’re having a good day!


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