What would you do to me if you saw me like this, huh? Be honest to me, it’s fine! 

Diaper Girl need Momm – Windelmaus wartet im Privaten Windelstudio auf seine strenge  Erzieherin

I’m not sure what you meant.. but thank you for looking at my older pictures as well °^° 

Admire you, then congratulate you for your bravery, then help you pick out something cute to wear. Goal: You feeling adored and safe.

That is good ^^. I’m not sure it requires bravery to show pictures like this.. but I would love to wear a cute outfit ^^, but usually I have to settle with really simple clothes.. 

To be honest I’d make love to you then change your diaper and snuggle with you so close that our diapers were touching

xD Snuggle so close that diapers are touching? That must be suuuper close. It’s too warm to do that now, I think. But if you think so, then it must be really fun to do!

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