Would you hug me, or even spoon me? XD Well maybe not the latter

I would love to spoon you xx

aw ^^, that’s sweet! Not many others would do it to me. Especially not when I’m wearing a nappy.. But I’m glad that you would! 

Maaaybe a little more than spoon

What more would you do, then? °^°  Now I’m curious!

I would use your diaper area for a pillow for my face. I would do anything with a woman that wears a plastic back diaper.

XD you would sleep on my diapered bum huh? Well I dunno how comfortable that would be for you, but the thought of how it would look like did make me smile! I kinda want to know what it’s like to feel someone else’s diaper against my own diaper or to my own skin. I bet that would feel relaxing to know that the other person is also enjoying their own (wet) nappy ^^. What do you think it would feel like?

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