Do you wet by choice or by need? And given a chance would you require them 24/7?



It’s really by choice, but I pretend that it just happens when I’m wearing a diaper ^^;; I can understand where your question comes from, I know I post waaaay too many pictures of myself where I’ve wet myself, and I think that’s really indecent of me. I’m really sorry about this, and I’ll take more pictures of myself where I’m actually still dry. If I could choose between just incidentally wearing them like I do now, and wearing diapers all the time.. I would really choose for keeping it incidentally.. Maybe wearing diapers all the time is a big turn-on for others, but I enjoy it most when it’s rare and I know I can go back to my normal clothes afterwards. Have a lot of fun and thank you for your question!


In regards to their text, I’m very similar. Like this pic, too.

@revolrepaidsub you mean you also pretend that you have accidents when you’re ageplaying? Or did you mean you wet by choice? I thought I was the only one that pretended to have accidents XD. It’s just part of my ageplay thingy.. Also, thank you for commenting ^^ 

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