Hey, I always hate waking up early when the alarm isn’t on. I always need to get up because I have to pee when I wake up.. How is it like to just lay in bed and let it all go so you can go back to sleep? :P

Hm well I can’t wet like that, I think? I’d be terrified of leaking into my bed XD. But I’ve never tried, so maybe I can ^^. Anyway, it’s rare that I have to pee during the night, but when I do I tend to walk slowly in the dark towards the bathroom, trip over my cat on the way, and just not put any lights on. I think that when you don’t use lights, you never really “wake up”, so when I crawl back into bed with my shark, I can just lay down and go back to sleep as if nothing happened. And maybe kitty-cat joins me again in bed as she waits for the morning (and her food) to come ^^. The fish is forced to join me in bed, anyway

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