Heya Couche! Love your adorable blog and your pics, everytime I see a post of yours on my dash it makes me melt into a puddle! You probably answered this a million times before, but what made you start wearing diapers, and are you the type that enjoys being babied as well? Oh, and while you’re at it, what’s your favourite movie? Groetjes van een mede-kaaskop!

Hello ^^, thank you for writing this to me! I hope you can mop yourself together and freeze into a solid piece again after looking at my pictures on your dashboard, I wouldn’t want you to be a puddle for too long.. 

I really don’t mind answering questions again. Nothing ‘made’ me start wearing diapers. I don’t really remember, the desire has always been there. You can probably blame some sort of weird event, but it’s all in the past and I can’t change my own past XD. Honestly I think in late childhood (age 7-12) there’s some sexual development that goes on, which determines your sexuality and the weird fetishes that you’re attracted to. So if you happen to wet the bed during this time, I guess you’re susceptible to become turned on by diapers. 

As you can tell from this blog, this is my safe space. I like babying myself and if I had to give up diapers, I would still enjoy ageplaying. I don’t have a favorite movie.. but the previous one I watched was Pooh’s Grand Adventure.. but that’s already some time ago, I’m more into anime than movies. Right now I’m watching Cells at Work (which is still airing), and New Game!!

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