I love your pictures from the past. Can you do a close up diapered crotch in leggings? Please try to get the triangle shape the diaper makes very noticeable and cute. I love it!

thank you for looking at my older pictures ^^. For everyone else, please look at my archive to see the stuff I posted in the past. I currently have about 700 posts on this blog, which is more than I ever thought I would put on here. Also, I should probably clean up and get rid of some older photos cus I feel that I got better at taking pictures of myself, but maybe I’m just being dumb. 

I’m not sure I can take the exact picture you’re describing.. I was never a fan of crotch photos and I really try to do my best to take pictures that are more than just another crotch picture. It’s like an art, you know? This is probably the thing that comes closest to your description, but I dunno. I hope it’s okay

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