I was on top my that shark plushie °^°. You wish that was you, huh? You would feel my crushing heavy weight

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I do so wish it was me you were laying on top of

XD but you would get crushed by my weight, and then you’d feel bad and hate me.. I don’t want you to hate me x_x

Don’t worry you won’t crash me

I won’t crush you? Well, if you’re strong, then having a 55kg person , which is me, sit down on you must not be so bad ^^. I wish I was in better shape x_x

You can lay on me all you want

XD how come? Do you enjoy being a pillow on someone’s bed or do you just want to be under me? You’d feel the dampness of my nappy, you know? Maybe I’d accidentally leave a wet spot on your clothes °^°

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