Hello I just wanted to ask you when did you get your shark plushy



I’ve had the sharkie plushie for 3 years now.. so he’s not really a childhood plushie. My old childhood plushies are all still at my parents’ place in my room there. It’s weird how it went. My old room still has some stuff in it, but now it’s used as a storage room as well and it’s just a mess. Whenever I visit my parents, I can still sleep there, however. It’s just.. I just never took the plushies with me when I moved out and started living on my own and I didn’t have any plushies for a while, until I decided that bedtime isn’t worth it if there’s nothing to cuddle with and I was never a fan of body pillows. Sharkie is cute, isn’t he?


The shark is so cool!!!

xD I know, right? Sharkie is such a fun plushie.. and adult sized for me! And I’m Dutch so I’m tall at 1.75 meter.. Such a fun plush to sleep with

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