Was there a time you needed to use the toilet but really wanted to wear a diaper instead? What did you choose in the end?

Hey ^^, thank you for asking me this!

I know that captions and fantasy postings are a big turn-on for some people.. But I’m afraid that I’m way too serious of a person xD. Do you think I should actually caption my pictures with some imaginary story, or should I just keep being boring me? So far I think I’m doing pretty bad at captioning my pictures. 

Anyway, your question.. Well.. The answer is no. I’m not into omorashi (or omorashi omutsu). Diapers are my safe space that I flee to when I want to. What my body desires in terms of peeing, hunger, pain and thirst, etcetera is not really part of my desire to flee into my safespace. As you can tell from my blog, I do pee in my diapers sometimes (well, most times).. But it’s not because I enjoy peeing myself, it’s because that’s what babies do and ageplay is my thing ^^. This post is a mess, so feel free to send another ask if you wanna know more (I do love receiving asks), and I hope you’re having a good time!

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