What do you desire most for a successful long term relationship?

Hm this is a tough question, but I’m willing to try to answer it, because I do enjoy getting questions.

Very importantly.. It’s not about abdl, for me. If my partner is not into, participating, or even supportive of me wearing diapers, then I think that’s fine. However, the most important thing for me would be that they accept me for who I am. By accepting, I mean that they should not tell me that I can’t do something (anything) that isn’t toxic to my mind or body. I realize that it’s possible that people think abdl is toxic, though that’s just ignorance, which is easily solved by half an hour on wikipedia. 

I think, if your decision of a partner is (partly) based on the compatibility of your fetishes, then you are not setting your priorities right. Your sex drive isn’t going to be there all the time. If you’re under long-term stress, an ailment that decreases sex drive, or even just not in the mood, then what is going to keep your relationship together? Your attraction to a person should be more than looks ^^. Anyway, this post has been really stupid and pretentious, so here is a picture of two nappies that I probably should be wearing to take pictures of myself in:


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