Hey, first of all i love your blog, you look so comfy and adorable in your photos. Keep it up :) How do you like your diaper? Completely soaked, or just a bit wet? And do you keep your wand with your hand in place or do you keep it in your leggins or elsewhere? I hope the questions are not to personal, if they are you are free to ignore them. Keep the Blog up and lots of love to you.

Thank you a lot for this ask and for saying that you love my blog ^^, that’s really sweet of you. I don’t only look comfy in my pictures, but usually I also feel comfy while ageplaying and while taking pictures of my ageplaying sessions. I cannot say this often enough; the reason I stay indoors is because ageplaying is (for me) a lot more fun and wholesome than only wearing diapers (and therefore being able to go outdoors). Wearing diapers is fun.. but it’s like wearing a ski suit and not going skiing, right? You get the thrill, but not the whole package.

How I like my diapers.. Well I think I like them the best when they’re still dry. I feel clean and tidy when they’re still dry. That may sound weird, cus you almost never see me wearing a dry diaper on this blog. The reason is that pictures of dry diapers aren’t so popular.. and also after a while I just have to go °-°. As for masturbation.. well it’s kinda private, right? Sometimes I just rub and push myself, other times I’ll use a wand. I don’t think clothing would keep the wand in place for long. I’ll keep my blog around for a while.. Until I get too old, or until people get sick of me.

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