No problem, and also, anyone who would care about acne on your thighs, isn’t worth enough to get upset about anyway! ;)

Thank you, it’s kind of you to contact me and send me an ask. I’m glad that you’re really trying your best to put this into a body-positive perspective! Maybe it’s cus I’m into medical stuff, but I really don’t agree with the whole body-positive notion XD. Acne is a sign of an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.. However I never figured out what the real cause was of my acne. It’s definitely not obesity, exercise or an unhealthy diet. It still bums me out, cus I’ve been trying to kill my acne for years with accutane, but it just doesn’t respond to it at all. Maybe it’s part of a greater scheme where I accumulate the misfortune of all those around me like what the 

Pestilence god does XD, ah well. 

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