I love your little web corner, little requin! I have so many questions that I don’t know where to start! xD Can you cope with feelings of being little while not at home? How do you manage it at work? Do you sometimes feel little in the middle of the night? I have the latter regularly, and came close to wetting the bed a few times. It would make me feel really small, but not sure if it’s wise to do. Maybe you have some wisdom!

You can send me any ask you like ^^. But occasionally I avoid answering questions when they’re too lewd. I’m really not sure what others mean by “coping”. Outside of this blog I’m a fairly normal person. Ageplay is fun for what it is, but it doesn’t define my life. So to answer your question, I cope just fine under all circumstances. There’s way bigger things to worry about than the timing of my next ageplay session XD. 

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