I love your photos, particularly the ones where you’re soaked :3 i know you dont enjoy the omorashi aspect as much, but your wet photos are so good! Whats the longest you’ve used a diaper for?

Thank you for saying you like my photos ^^, that’s really kind of you. I know that people seem to like the photos where I’m wet a lot more than the photos where I’m dry (or where the diaper is not visible). I’ve accepted this a long time ago, so I try to focus on taking pictures after I’ve wet, cus I always wet a little bit anyway when I ageplay.

I usually ageplay for around 4 hours. I think the longest I’ve worn a diaper for fun was probably 8-12 hours. I don’t have enough diaper funds to stay in diapers for an extended time by changing myself during the day °^° , maybe in the future. But for now I’ll have a lot of fun the way I do and I’ll make sure to take fun pictures

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